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Technology that defies convention.
Aidro Hydraulics, the Italian hydraulic systems specialist, is back at HANNOVER MESSE this year to exhibit the practical applications of 3D metal printing for bespoke fluid power products.

21 Apr. 2018

Technology that defies convention
Aidro Hydraulics, the Italian hydraulic systems specialist, is back at HANNOVER MESSE this year to exhibit the practical applications of 3D metal printing for bespoke fluid power products.

Since officially launching additive manufacturing as a new technology for the hydraulics sector at HANNOVER MESSE 2017, Aidro has stuck with its vision and continued to develop new products for 3D metal printing. The company has recognized that this relatively young technology is ideal for developing innovative hydraulic solutions - lightweight, space-saving and complex parts that deliver better performance in cramped spaces. Alberto Tacconelli, Managing Director at Aidro, explains: "Additive manufacturing enables us to create high-quality, custom components that are smaller and lighter and usually more efficient and better performing than conventional technology." The fact additive manufacturing can be used to form internal features and passageways as required makes it perfect for designing and manufacturing customized manifolds. The internal channels of the valve block have been optimized for a larger flow in a smaller space, while the potential for leakage is eliminated because no auxiliary holes have to be drilled.

Aidro is therefore showcasing a number of practical examples at HANNOVER MESSE 2018, such as how a new and innovative design approach can be used to reinvent a traditional hydraulic solution in a virtual system. Users simply integrate the necessary valves and connect them as required, since 3D printing is not tied down to conventional shapes and standards. In the case of the hydraulic manifold on show, the end result is a weight saving of 75 percent compared to a conventional system.
Aidro S.r.l. (21020 Taino, Italy), Hall 23, Stand C21
Contact: Valeria Tirelli
Tel.: +39 033 1960 250

blik - or you'll miss it!
German start-up blik is unveiling its innovative track-and-trace system based on a radio sensor at HANNOVER MESSE 2018. The solution aims to stamp out human error and shine a light on all the typical blind spots in process and supply chains.

When it comes to managing inventories and keeping an overview of products along process and supply chains, most manufacturers still rely on barcodes. In fact, they are pretty much everywhere, from production sites and store rooms to customer deliveries. All the same, the very nature of barcodes means they still require a lot of manual work. Indeed, each and every manual scanning operation at all the various stages takes up time and creates scope for mistakes when recording volumes, registering goods types and following sequences. One start-up from Munich is at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to show there is a different - and better - way of doing things. blik GmbH is unveiling its innovative track-and-trace technology at the fair, which enables uninterrupted tracking both internally and externally.

That means manufacturers can check current stock levels for their products whenever they like and obtain accurate real-time data on where the products are and when they’re likely to arrive - even taking into account potential transport disruption. To do this, blik uses a low-maintenance, durable radio sensor that is attached to every individual load carrier. These sensors emit signals at regular intervals so that a receiver system can determine where an article is in real time. What’s more, unlike other transmission technologies such as Bluetooth, these signals won’t interfere with other, pre-existing radio systems. The new track-and-trace system from blik GmbH thus allows companies - for the first time - to track articles over several years with a considerably pared-back infrastructure and without continuous human intervention.
blik GmbH (80636 Munich, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A52
Contact: Bastian Burger
Tel.: +49 89 96118 092

Now you really are seeing things from my perspective!
At HANNOVER MESSE 2018, Device Insight is, for the first time, presenting the potential applications of augmented reality using smart glasses and tablets. This new service connects on-site technicians to remote specialists, combining IoT platform data with on-the-spot live footage.

"Moving the World of IoT" is the motto embraced by Munich IoT pioneer Device Insight and helping bolster the guiding theme for HANNOVER MESSE 2018, "Integrated Industry - Connect & Collaborate". Visitors to the fair can see for themselves what this involves at the KUKA stand, where Device Insight, together with its partner connyun, is showcasing how technicians in production or plant buildings can link up with experts using smart glasses and tablets.

Machine and plant data is recorded via smart glasses and live-streamed to experts who can then provide speedy, specific and practical assistance for complex maintenance work and even faults - without having to be there in person. The experts can observe the situation "through the eyes" of the on-site technician. They can then send back images and edited screenshots from the live stream to help guide technicians through their work. Audiovisual remote support will help maintenance personnel resolve a lot of problems themselves and save specialists from time-consuming and expensive travel.
Device Insight GmbH (81829 Munich, Germany), Hall 17, Stand G23
Contact: Alexandra Luchtai
Tel.: +49 89 45454 4818

A communications solution that really WORXX
The SYS TEC stand at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 is hosting the new CTR-700 smart IoT gateway from the sysWORXX family - an edge controller for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring that speaks the same language as your staff and makes machine data readable.

SYS TEC electronic GmbH is a premium supplier of electronic services that specializes primarily in developing and manufacturing customer-specific electronic solutions for embedded systems and distributed automation. Over the course of the digital revolution, classic control issues have been joined by a steady stream of new ideas and concepts, many of which depend on collaborative industrial communication. On the flip side, developments such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance have been optimizing processes by capturing data and passing it on with the aim of driving down costs. To help deliver that crucial collective communication, SYS TEC is showcasing the new CTR-700 smart gateway from the sysWORXX family at HANNOVER MESSE 2018.

Helping the CTR-700 gateway cope with the application scenarios above are numerous industrial inputs and outputs such as TCP/IP, MQTT, Modbus, CANopen, USB and μSD, plus two Ethernet interfaces. This safeguards the separation of Enterprise IT and Shop Floor OT. However, what makes the sysWORXX CTR-700 really stand out is its software. The device can be programmed using IEC 61131-3 and various IoT languages (C#/.Net, Node-RED, Java, Python). This eliminates the need for costly external programming services and ultimately means that the controller speaks the same language as staff and vice versa.
SYS TEC electronic GmbH (08468 Heinsdorfergrund, Germany), Hall 27, Stand E49
Contact: Jan Schulze
Tel.: +49 376 5386 000

So much new stuff - and it's not even May yet!
The innovations coming out of PCB Synotech GmbH this year have hit a new high! In fact, the specialist supplier of measurement systems from US sensor manufacturer PCB Piezotronics has published its own new products brochure – just in time for HANNOVER MESSE 2018.

PCB Synotech GmbH, the German sales subsidiary of US sensor manufacturer PCB Piezotronics for more than 25 years, offers a comprehensive selection of piezoelectric, piezoresistive and capacitive sensors for measuring acceleration, vibration, noise, pressure, force and strain. Based on a range of measurement processes, the sensors can be used to investigate dynamic, slow and even static processes. The measurement systems are used in experiments, trials and tests as well as in monitoring systems for production operations, processes, machinery and buildings. And PCB Synotech is going all out at HANNOVER MESSE 2018, with a whole range of new products on show.

For example, there are new accelerometers and microphones for use in product development; industrial vibration, strain and pressure sensors for machine and process monitoring; and sound level meters for environmental noise investigations. Of particular note among the throng of innovations is the HTJ356B01/NC ground-isolated, triaxial ICP high-temperature miniature accelerometer (suitable for ambient temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius), two other ground- and housing-isolated triaxes and the cable replacement program.
PCB Synotech GmbH (41836 Hückelhoven, Germany), Hall 11, Stand F37
Contact: Werner Dittmar
Tel.: +49 2433 4444 4010

Make light work of heavy loads
The industrial floating decks made by AeroGo from Seattle make it easy for workers to single-handedly move even the heaviest objects around factories and warehouses. The company is proudly showing off the latest addition to its family of Silverback Air Cushion Vehicles at HANNOVER MESSE - the 725 MT.

Even if digitization seems to have invaded and conquered HANNOVER MESSE 2018, you can still find good old industrial hardware made from steel, glass and plastic. And at the end of the day, companies still have to somehow move heavy, bulky goods from A to B (and even C). However heavy the load and whatever it is that needs moving, AeroGo has a fitting solution. When it comes to transporting goods, this innovative manufacturer from the United States looks beyond wheels to work with time-tested hovercraft technology. AeroGo is showcasing the latest model in its extremely buoyant series of Silverback Air Cushion Vehicles - the 725 MT - at HANNOVER MESSE 2018.

Over the years, AeroGo's air cushion vehicles (AVs) have proved an extremely cost-effective and reliable alternative to cranes, conveyor belts, driven vehicles, casters, rails and drag chains. The company's AVs are all kitted out with market-leading Aero-Caster technology and special drive systems, which make it possible to move even tons of goods easily, accurately and safely with just one pair of hands.
AeroGo, Inc. (Seattle, WA 98188, United States), Hall 17, Stand F81
Contact: Barb Kiliz
Tel.: +1 206 5753 344

A miraculous magnet for needles in a haystack
AUCOTEC AG is hooking up with its new collaboration partner Quicklogix at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to reveal a remarkably quick and easy way of finding and using system condition data.

The emergence of big data has made it more important than ever to have just the right information to hand precisely whenever you need it. So much so, it can make or break a company's competitive edge. This applies as much to maintenance tasks and avoiding systems downtimes as it does to recycling successful sub-projects to produce quick and realistic offers. The software developers at AUCOTEC AG in Germany have teamed up with the AI experts at Quicklogix Inc. in the United States to find a way of vastly accelerating the process of locating key engineering data within big data containers. Their novel solution, based on AUCOTEC’s Engineering Base (EB) platform, is on show at HANNOVER MESSE 2018. The cross-disciplinary plant model stored in a central database as a source of big data enables the EB to provide all the necessary information in a targeted manner and without system disruptions. What’s more, the platform is designed to be easily integrated into any IT landscape.

The search machine from Quicklogix, with its team of keen minds from prestigious institutions such as MIT, can even interpret unstructured inquiries in regular language thanks to the use of AI. The idea is to enable even users without expert knowledge to find exactly what they’re after. Configurable web-based algorithms access the EB either directly or via the embedded Quicklogix data layer. "Especially companies that have already documented hundreds of projects can save valuable time. As well as operators who have to have millions of pieces of data available to ensure that their plant always runs perfectly," explains AUCOTEC Executive Officer Uwe Vogt. He likens their system to a strong magnet that instantly attracts the proverbial needle in a haystack, saying: "We are delighted to have teamed up with the innovative startup Quicklogix to provide this solution."
AUCOTEC AG (30659 Hannover, Germany), Hall 6, Stand K28
Contact: Johanna Kiesel
Tel.: +49 511 6103-186

Smart buffer for quick charging
The StoraXe PowerBooster from ads-tec GmbH is set to speed up the charging process for electric vehicles, even where the power supply lacks vra vra vroom!

Whatever the state-funded incentives, one of the main obstacles to getting e-mobility properly on the road remains the vehicles' range coupled with shortcomings in the infrastructure for this otherwise market-ready and very smart technology. Who on earth wants to interrupt long journeys and hang around twiddling their thumbs while their vehicle recharges? And many of us don’t have a means of installing a charging station at home to at least briefly top it up there. Even if no cure-all solutions are in sight, there are at least some hopeful signs of things moving in the right direction. Such a glimmer of hope comes from ads-tec, a developer and manufacturer of energy storage solutions. The company is appearing at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to showcase its StoraXe PowerBooster, a smart infrastructure and loading technology concept for optimally matching power supply with consumption and making more effective use of the distribution grid.

High-speed charging stations are clearly the linchpins of any e-mobility infrastructure. The problem is that adequate power is not always available to provide the charging capacity required. It now seems that the StoraXe PowerBooster might come to the rescue in cases like these. The integrated ads-tec battery system delivers the high capacity required for fast charging, while low-power energy tops it up from the available mains supply. It’s a similar principle to the power banks commonly used for charging smartphones and tablets. In fact, the StoraXe PowerBooster has the potential to do more than save time by also overcoming the need for medium-voltage systems, time-consuming applications for construction subsidies and expensive grid extensions.
ads-tec GmbH (72622 Nürtingen, Germany), Hall 27, Stand H75
Contact: Nadine Reich
Tel.: +49 7022 2522-1112

A rollover in a cabriolet? No sweat!
At HANNOVER MESSE 2018, the Alfred Wegener Institute is revealing how it’s joining forces with Volkswagen in an endeavor to strengthen and lighten the structure of A-pillars using a bionic lightweight design process called ELISE.

The number of injuries sustained in road traffic accidents has been falling for years. Besides improvements in the road infrastructure, it's mainly safety-related advances in automotive engineering that are to thank for this. And these often address features that are entirely hidden from the occupants' sight. For example, it takes extremely robust reinforcing structures to absorb the enormous forces generated when a vehicle rolls over, even more so in the A-pillars of cabriolets. The Alfred Wegener Institute in northern Germany is currently developing a new generation of A-pillar reinforcement in collaboration with Volkswagen Osnabrück using a bionic lightweight design process known as ELISE. If you'd like to catch a rare glimpse of how the A-pillar inside your car might be destined to look in the future, then roll on over to HANNOVER MESSE 2018!

And hold onto your seats for the science behind it. The findings from trials to optimize the topology of structures have been used as the basis for the algorithmic design process. The subsequent parametric optimization ensures the structure adapts to accommodate loads. Finally, additive manufacturing processes are used to produce the complex structures, which neatly integrate multiple functions, reduce the weight and ensure maximum load-bearing capacity and safety. And that's it, as they say, in a nutshell!
Alfred Wegener Institute - Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (27570 Bremerhaven, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A01
Contact: Daniel Siegel
Tel.: +49 471 4831 1365

Hot things come in small packages!
The thermodynamics specialist hotset has chosen HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to celebrate the premiere of its new miniature cartridge heater - the hotrod HHP Ø 1/8 inch. It can squeeze into the tightest of spaces and still reach a scorching 750 °C.

Since its foundation in 1973, hotset GmbH has developed a glowing reputation for developing and manufacturing industrial heating elements and the related temperature control technology. With sales offices in the United States, Singapore, China, India and Malta, a global key accounts service and a number of international partners, the company now has a foothold in more than 40 countries. Its production plants in Lüdenscheid and Malta manufacture top-quality heating elements and customized special designs for processing plastics, foundries and the packaging industry, to name just a few key examples. hotset's hotflex® flexible tubular heaters and hotslot® nozzle heating elements are particularly highly regarded for hot runner systems in the plastics industry. Never one to let things go cold, so to speak, the company already has its next iron in the fire. At HANNOVER MESSE 2018, hotset is launching a very special small but sizzling new heater.

With a diameter the size of a match head, the hotrod HHP Ø 1/8 inch (3.1 millimeters) is possibly the smallest electric cartridge heater on the market anywhere in the world. It has been specially developed for use in compact equipment with limited installation space, where it's the ideal solution for warming spots of adhesive, lubricant or ink. And when the going needs to get hot, the tiny probe can really turn up the temperature, reaching a scorching 750 degrees Celsius. hotset is already registering a burning interest in its hotrod among manufacturers in medical engineering and microdosing technology.
hotset GmbH (58511 Lüdenscheid, Germany), Hall 17, Stand F58
Contact: Andreas Filler
Tel.: +49 2351 4302 441
Mobile: +49 173 5228 001

State-of-the-art offline solutions are no oxymoron!
The new Delfoi ARC 4.0 OLP software package represents the most cutting-edge offline programming technology on the market today. On show at HANNOVER MESSE 2018, the software is perfectly suited for arc or laser welding and plasma or laser cutting processes.

The Finnish company Delfoi Oy, which was founded in 1990, is a pioneer in offline robot programming and considered a world-ranking expert in production simulation, fine planning and implementation. Delfoi's robotics product portfolio, which consists of the programs Delfoi ARC, Delfoi CUT and Delfoi PAINT, covers extensive areas in industrial robotic applications. Its innovative solutions stem from more than 20 years of developing software to meet the requirements of a wide range of fields such as the automotive, machine building, aerospace technology, structural steel and shipbuilding sectors. The company is at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to showcase Version 4.0 of its Delfoi ARC offline programming software.

Delfoi describes the ARC 4.0 as the most cutting-edge offline programming technology available on the market. The software offers numerous new and unique functions for arc or laser welding and plasma or laser cutting to further simplify and speed up programming and welding simulations and visualizations. The Delfoi ARC 4.0 OLP software sports a range of features that make it a truly unique solution for saving time, cutting costs and ensuring high quality. It accelerates and streamlines both programming and processing weld paths and programs, its quality control ensures accurate and smooth paths, and its advanced calibration tools and precise path management achieve precise tool paths. Last but not least, it supports all major brands of robots, thus making it a truly universal solution.
Delfoi Oy (02600 Espoo, Finland), Hall 6, Stand H16
Contact: Raimo Puro
Tel.: +358 50 060 2384
Mobile: +358 50 060 2384

A coffee to go with that innovation, Sir?
Murrelektronik GmbH is enticing visitors to its stand at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 with a host of decentralized installation technology innovations - and the bold promise of the best coffee to be had at the trade fair.

Many marketing experts have invested a great deal of time in - and charged good money for - luring trade fair visitors to a company’s stand. Murrelektronik GmbH has saved itself the money (and the marketing experts the trouble!) and come up with a much simpler solution - spreading the word that it’s handing out the best coffee at HANNOVER MESSE 2018. But even Murrelektronik GmbH concedes that you need to do better than that, no matter how good the coffee. So it's more than happy to back up this claim with some enticing exhibits. In fact, Murrelektronik is showcasing a whole host of innovative products and solutions designed to make their users’ lives easier.

The expert in decentralized installation technology has come up with the slogan "Automation meets innovation - innovation drives us on" to reflect its focus on designing installations to link industrial IO points with controls. The number one priority is cost-efficiency in terms of installation times, outstanding service levels and low costs overall. And given that industry is a very wide field, Murrelektronik offers a lot of different installation concepts. To pinpoint the right solution for each company, its system consultants collaborate closely with on-site electrical designers. Why not enjoy a good cup of coffee while talking to them at HANNOVER MESSE 2018?
Murrelektronik GmbH (71570 Oppenweiler, Germany), Hall 9, Stand D27
Contact: MacKenzie Regorsek
Tel.: +49 7191 47 4318

At last! Is this finally robot programming "for dummies"?
drag&bot has set its sights on simplifying the task enough for anyone to get quick and reliable results. The startup from Stuttgart is showing just how it's done in the Young Tech Enterprises zone at HANNOVER MESSE 2018.

drag&bot GmbH, a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, already employs a workforce of 15 (that's including its four founding members) just one year after starting out. The team has its sights firmly set on developing generic software for programming industrial robots that is both simple and intuitive. The aim is to design a graphic user interface that enables fast and flexible programming by dragging and dropping predefined tasks from blocks of functions. The startup is appearing at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 as a partner of the Young Tech Enterprises zone, where it’s offering visitors the opportunity to experience the future of robot programming first-hand.

Making robot programming open to all - that's what drag&bot is all about. The company believes the best way to achieve this is by using an intuitive graphic user interface that even complete novices can use to solve complex tasks. Instead of programming robots the conventional way, users can simply drag and drop predefined tasks from various function blocks to piece together a program, and intuitive wizards make it just as quick and easy to set the parameters. This web-based software is designed to be compatible with many makes of robots and components, and the layout of the user interface always remains the same. The developers of drag&bot are intent on providing a highly flexible and cost-efficient approach to using industrial robots in production by significantly reducing the time taken for setup and configuration - and removing the threshold of robotics expertise required to do so. At last, this promises a simple solution for automating and implementing even variable production processes with small batch sizes.
drag&bot GmbH (70569 Stuttgart, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B68 (C61/1)
Contact: Daniel Seebauer
Tel.: +49 711 970 1372
Mobile: +49 1577 3308 765

One for all, and all for one!
e mobil BW GmbH is appearing at the Baden Württemberg Pavilion during HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to show how the technology-driven fields of energy, mobility and data processing can join forces to tackle the challenges of future mobility.

"Powering forward new technologies and innovations while continuously improving existing skills and products is the strategy pursued by Germany's federal state of Baden-Württemberg on the path toward a new climate-friendly era of mobility," explains Franz Loogen, Managing Director of e mobil BW GmbH, the State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive Baden-Württemberg. He adds that the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion at Energy, the leading international trade fair for integrated energy systems and mobility at HANNOVER MESSE 2018, clearly demonstrates the necessary interplay between the technology-driven fields of energy, mobility and data processing. The 26 exhibitors at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion include all manner of software engineers, startups, SMEs, universities and research institutes along with aircraft manufacturers, energy providers and suppliers.

They are all facing the major challenge of reinventing themselves in more ways than one to bolster south-western Germany's status in the global automotive industry. After all, the transition to electric automobiles is only one piece of the puzzle. The extensive networking and automation of vehicles, logistics and mobility services for industry, energy providers and local authorities amounts to an equally major upheaval. Fortunately, Baden-Württemberg boasts a unique industrial ecosystem made up of high-performance companies coupled with excellent research institutes and universities. Many of them can be seen at the "South-West Electromobility Cluster" led by e-mobil BW, as they forge a common foundation for the emerging diversity of innovative mobility solutions.
e mobil BW GmbH (70176 Stuttgart, Germany), Hall 27, Stand H75
Contact: Isabell Knüttgen
Tel.: +49 711 8923 8523

High-tech DIY medical screwdriver
The Hahn-Schickard Society's Institute for Micro and Information Technology has developed a high-tech screwdriver for distraction osteogenesis that enables patients to adjust settings themselves - without medical supervision.

Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung e. V. specializes in developing smart products based on microsystem technology, from the initial idea right through to production, in a way that fosters excellent collaborative business relations across a number of sectors. This enables it to create innovative products and technologies in the spheres of sensors and actuators, system integration, cyber-physical systems, lab-on-a-chip devices and analytics, microelectronics, integrated circuit packaging, microassembly and reliability. The society’s services include manufacturing small and medium-sized batches and transitioning to mass production. At HANNOVER MESSE 2018, Hahn-Schickard is showcasing a whole host of its current projects, including a high-tech screwdriver with integrated miniaturized sensors for patients' own use.

Nature's self-healing powers are quite amazing. Just about anyone who has suffered a broken bone will happily attest to this fact. The unique ability of bones to repair themselves lies at the heart of a mechanical process called distraction osteogenesis, used mainly in dentistry, to extend or build up bone. A leading medical engineering company recently commissioned the Hahn-Schickard Society's Institute for Micro and Information Technology to develop a high-tech patient screwdriver with integrated, miniaturized sensors for use in orthopedics. All of the data is captured, stored and communicated using optimized microcontroller electronics. An integrated battery, which has been specially adapted for the application, provides users with a convenient wireless distraction tool. Simple visual and acoustic signals are designed to make the device easy and foolproof for the patients to operate themselves, without the need for medical supervision.
Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung e.V. (78052 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany), Hall 11, Stand E34
Contact: Moritz Faller
Tel.: +49 7721 943 221

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