HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April

HANNOVER MESSE Trendspots - No. 6

An end to bad atmospheres.
bioclimatic, an air purification specialist based in Germany’s Lower Saxony region, is at HANNOVER MESSE to showcase made-to-measure solutions for air purification and sterilization in industrial and commercial environments.

03 Apr. 2017

An end to bad atmospheres
bioclimatic, an air purification specialist based in Germany’s Lower Saxony region, is at HANNOVER MESSE to showcase made-to-measure solutions for air purification and sterilization in industrial and commercial environments.

It's often said that storms clear the air, and this is actually borne out by a scientific principle that results in fresh, breathable air. The high voltage in lightning splits oxygen molecules into positively and negatively charged ions (bipolar ionization). These highly reactive particles are then able to break down and detoxify organic chains of molecules such as germs, mold and bacteria. The systems from bioclimatic GmbH, based in Bad Nenndorf, Germany, utilize this exact same principle. This global air purification specialist is exhibiting its latest bipolar ionization systems at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 that are designed for industrial and commercial applications in airports, hospitals, office buildings, event venues and the food industry.

Applying the bipolar ionization principle doesn't just provide fresh and odorless air and significantly reduce levels of bacteria, germs and mold - deactivating harmful substances is also a reliable way to alleviate the symptoms associated with pollen allergies. What's more, in numerous communal spaces throughout the world where people continue to smoke, bioclimatic solutions can help cut unpleasant odors decisively. "We offer a natural solution that genuinely removes odors and doesn't just mask them," says Carsten Feuerhake, Head of Sales & Marketing at bioclimatic GmbH. bioclimatic systems, which can also be installed in existing air conditioning and ventilation units, don't cause any loss of pressure, thus making them highly energy-efficient. Moreover, they don't use any chemicals or fragrances, which means disposal is easy. Maintenance is also straightforward, as users can complete annual visual inspections and clean pipes themselves.
bioclimatic GmbH (31542 Bad Nenndorf, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A23, co-exhibitor with EZN
Contact: Carsten Feuerhake
Tel.: +49 5723 9440 18
Fax: +49 5723 9440 30

Learning through play
Omron is bringing the third generation of Forpheus, a table tennis robot with artificial intelligence, to HANNOVER MESSE 2017 and inviting visitors to take part in a match that offers astounding insights into the future of manufacturing.

For some time, practitioners of mind sports have been grappling with artificial intelligence (AI). Computer brains have already beaten the best human players in chess and Go. The picture is quite different for sports that require both mental and physical skills. Physical interaction with a human is an enormous challenge for developers of intelligent robots. Omron, one of the world’s leading companies in industrial automation, has successfully taken on this challenge. It is in Hannover to show how the third generation of Forpheus, a table tennis robot, adds artificial intelligence to its core skills of sensor and control technology.

Omron is using Forpheus as a fun way to demonstrate its capabilities in collaborative human-machine technologies. Forpheus played its first match at HANNOVER MESSE last year. Since then, its coaches have worked on its mental strength to ensure it is even smarter against this year’s visitors to the trade fair. Following its upgrade, Forpheus should be able to interpret human behavior and ideally predict it, too, as the Omron developers have taught it to learn, think and act and to make contact and communicate with people. These skills mean Forpheus should even be able to teach humans a thing or two. Of course, it isn’t all a game, but rather serious development work for the next stage in human-machine interaction - one that should enable innovative production processes, thanks to integrated automation and intelligent data solutions from Omron.
OMRON ELECTRONICS GmbH (40764 Langenfeld, Germany), Hall 9, Stand F24
Contact: Heike Heinzel
Tel.: +49 231 75 89 4-37

Digital innovation thrives in Schaeffler's ecosystem
Schaeffler AG is at HANNOVER MESSE to showcase its digital portfolio under the banner "Schaeffler Smart Ecosystem 4.0" and present a corporate digital agenda for creating both intelligent products and new business models.

Few, if any, exhibitors would risk going to HANNOVER MESSE 2017 without any new developments or innovations. The digital revolution has gathered such a pace that solutions of the past won't be able to meet the needs of the future for much longer. One company - Schweinfurt-based Schaeffler AG - is going to particularly great lengths in this area. Besides updated products and new business models, it is exhibiting an end-to-end digital system in Hannover under the banner "Schaeffler Smart Ecosystem 4.0". The new system incorporates all the company's current and future digital services, models and sensor-based products.

Schaeffler is looking to show everyone at HANNOVER MESSE the great strides that have already been made with "Smart Ecosystem 4.0" and implementing the digital agenda. "When working with this ecosystem, users can see the status of their plants at a glance," says Dr. Hans-Willi Kessler, head of Service Products at Schaeffler. He explains that automatic diagnostics mean users don’t need any specialist expertise in condition monitoring, while the premium service also offers users recommendations on what actions they should take. "Automated rolling bearing diagnosis", which is already available as the company exhibits in Hannover, is one of the first systems to generate information that can be offered as services.
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG (97421 Schweinfurt, Germany), Hall 22, Stand A12
Contact: Martin Adelhardt
Tel.: +49 9721 913400
Fax: +49 9721 913375

We can do everything - except stand still.
The thermal management specialists from STEGO, based in Germany’s Swabia region, are in Hannover to exhibit a range of new developments and enhancements to existing products under the banner "Home of Innovation". These include the Filter Fan Plus series and four new devices in the STEGO DC Line.

How can operational reliability inside an enclosure be made even better? And how can the harmful formation of condensation and frost be prevented in the long term? The thermal management specialists from STEGO, based in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, grapple with these and many other questions on an almost daily basis. This may in part be because they come from a region that has a proud history of producing inventors. However, STEGO itself prefers to point to the one constant since the company was founded 37 years ago - its thirst for innovation. Indeed, visitors to this year's HANNOVER MESSE, where the company is showcasing itself as a "Home of Innovation", will once again be left in no doubt that technical inspiration always enjoys a warm welcome at STEGO.

STEGO's confident trade fair presentation is underpinned by promising enhancements to tried-and-tested products, but first and foremost by impressive product innovations. One particularly powerful example of its innovative prowess is the FPI/FPO 018 filter fan series, which has caused quite a stir since its market launch. The fans offer outstanding product features such as the new air-flap outlet technology, which optimizes airflow by eliminating interference. The innovative Filter Fan Plus ratchet mount mechanism is a further key advantage that users wouldn't be without.
STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH (74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany), Hall 12, Stand E35
Contact: Siegfried Oerthel
Tel.: +49 791 95058-81

¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
The plastics experts from Pöppelmann GmbH are in Hannover to present the latest solutions from their KAPSTO and K-TECH divisions, including KAPSTO FastLane, which produces special parts in record time and is thus setting a new benchmark in the sector.

The slogan of HANNOVER MESSE 2017 is "get new technology first", which shows just how important technological leadership has become for every company in a world of paradigm shifts in technology and how this importance is set to grow. In keeping with this theme, Pöppelmann GmbH - based in Lohne in Germany’s Oldenburg Münsterland region - is at the Industrial Supply trade fair to showcase KAPSTO FastLane, which produces special parts in record time and is thus setting a new benchmark in the sector.

In KAPSTO, Pöppelmann is demonstrating how far digital flexibility can already help accelerate processes on a lasting basis. KAPSTO FastLane supports the extremely fast development and production of special parts from the world of caps and plugs. From the quotation and product design through to a 3D-printed prototype and the first parts to emerge from the mold ready for use, Pöppelmann is committed to setting brand new standards in service and speed with KAPSTO FastLane.
Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG (49393 Lohne, Germany), Hall 6, Stand B18
Contact: Dirk Stubbe
Tel.: +49 4442 982-6623

Virtualization in sight!
Whether CAD, CAE, CAM, CAP or CAT - the vCAX platform from it-RSC GmbH can do it all! The company is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to show how its high-performance virtualization system works in conjunction with the brand new Microsoft HoloLens.

Specializing in virtualization solutions for the engineering industry, it-RSC GmbH has completed an exceptionally diverse range of projects over the years. Thanks to high-performance technology from partners including Dell EMC, Nvidia and Riverbed, the company always puts speed and user experience center stage. To support these projects, it-RSC GmbH developed the vCAX hardware platform, a high-performance virtualization system that can be used to implement all kinds of engineering processes in virtual form. The north German IT experts are at HANNOVER MESSE this year to showcase a new highly innovative engineering solution they have added to their portfolio – the brand new HoloLens from Microsoft is a fully self-contained, wireless computer built into a pair of glasses.

Using HoloLens, it-RSC GmbH developed a range of practical "use cases" - some of which have already been implemented - to support engineers across different sectors. From process automation and support right through to maintenance, HoloLens serves as a visual interface for applications that were previously unimaginable. Based on this mixed-reality technology, it-RSC offers customers an unprecedented range of new ideas and possibilities. HoloLens is easy to control via gestures, eye movement and voice command, while the holograms produced in the glasses are superimposed onto the surrounding environment without obscuring it completely. The holograms can also be fixed in place so that users can walk around them, discover different planes, receive instructions and much more. At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, it-RSC GmbH is giving visitors an opportunity to experience its virtualization solution in action - by using HoloLens to explore a BMW engine.

it-RSC GmbH (26349 Jade, Germany), Hall 6, Stand K01, co-exhibitor with Bitkom
Contact: Mirko Wujek
Tel.: +49 4454 978936

Switzerland turns up the pressure!
Switzerland-based Celeroton AG, a leading manufacturer of ultra high-speed electric drive systems, is in Hannover this year to showcase its first turbo compressors with gas bearings. Wear-resistant and oil-free, they deliver outstanding efficiency and are purported to be unique in their weight and performance class.

With a rated speed of 280,000 revolutions per minute in air, the new CT-17-700.GB and CT-17-1000.GB turbo compressors with gas bearings are unprecedented in terms of size, weight and excellent system efficiency. In addition to an unlimited service life in continuous operation, they deliver 100 percent oil- and lubricant-free air compression, a pressure ratio of up to 1.65, mass flow up to 24 g/s, total isentropic efficiency of 59 percent, and a rated maximum power of 1kW - all at a volume of just 530 cubic centimeters.

"The development of our gas bearing turbo compressors marks a historic milestone in the field of high-speed turbo compressors," says Christof Zwyssig, Managing Director and Head of Research & Development at Celeroton. "Initial customer feedback on our compressors during field tests has been excellent, confirming the highly innovative performance of our flagship product," adds Martin Bartholet, Managing Director and Head of Sales.

The technology developed by Celeroton AG opens up new horizons for application areas where the use of miniaturized turbo compressors has so far been extremely limited or not even possible at all. These new applications include oil-free compressed air supply for fuel cells, mobile respirators and oxygen concentrators, decentralized pneumatics (vacuum and compressed air production), high-tech blowers, and low-maintenance air conditioning and heat pumps that deliver maximum performance - in stationary applications and for heating and cooling systems in hybrid and electric cars. What's more, the turbo compressors are fully compatible with the CC-230-3500 and CC-120-1000 Celeroton inverters, ensuring sensor-free speed control over the entire operating range. All in all, Celeroton AG is something of a one-stop shop for air supply solutions.
Celeroton AG (8604 Volketswil, Switzerland), Hall 27, Stand C24
Contact: Patrik Fröhlich
Tel.: +41 44 250 52 32

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