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The initiative for technology talent in Germany

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As an attractive high-tech economy and successful export country, Germany requires an outstanding education system and qualified workers.

Deutsche Messe has joined with the "Germany – Country of ideas" initiative and leading business associations to create the Tec2You platform and give young people an accurate picture of the reality of technical jobs today.

Job descriptions have been fundamentally transformed over the past few years, but surveys indicate that young people are not necessarily aware of this changing image. Today, technicians and engineers work together throughout the process chain – from the initial idea all the way to marketing and sales. Multiple interfaces with other fields of expertise, including interactions with designers, futurologists, idea managers, market researchers and advertising experts, require cross-disciplinary thinking.


interaktive Infografik

Interactive infographic: Integrated Industry

The factory of the future is intelligent and fully networked. Conventional mechanical engineering meets innovative IT, creating entirely new business models. Discover solutions of the future. Open infographic


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