HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Guided Tours

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a clear and concise overview of the show topics you are most interested in. HANNOVER MESSE Guided Tours guarantee you'll never miss the highlights in your special area of interest.

During the tour, which lasts approx. 2 hours, exhibitors will provide exclusive 15 minute demonstrations of true innovations and optimal solutions.

The tours covering a range of topics, you're sure to find the right offering for your special area of interest.

Guided Tours Monday, 20 April to Friday, 24 April 2020
Meeting Point/Registration Information Center (IC)
Times Monday from 2.00 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.
Friday only at 10.00 a.m.
Tour length approx. 2,5 – 3 hours
Tour language English
Participation fee € 18.00/person (deposit for headset: € 50.00)


The Tour Themes 2020 at a glance

Tour 1 – Less weight, lower costs, greater efficiency

Lightweight design is not just about reducing mass. Thanks to the integration of added functionality, many lightweight products also have other superior properties as compared with their conventional counterparts. That’s why lightweight design ranks among the most important technology trends. And it is getting additional momentum from the increasing adoption of additive manufacturing solutions by industry in areas where conventional processes have reached their limits. This tour is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate the myriad possibilities opened up by lightweight engineering, materials and processes. Showcase the latest approaches, innovative components and strategies for boosting the efficiency of industrial applications.

Tour2 - Parts, components and digitization solutions for the mechanical and plant engineering Industry

The mechanical and plant engineering industry is a key driver of innovation that is increasingly investing in smart, efficient and sustainable solutions. This tour gives its participants a quick yet comprehensive overview of the plant and mechanical engineering innovations on show at HANNOVER MESSE. Participating exhibitors will have the opportunity to present everything, from intelligent automation solutions, subcontracting solutions and systems, lightweight solutions, and measurement and control technology right through to condition monitoring systems. This tour offers a great way of showcasing your expertise as a partner for innovation and development in the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Tour 3 – Connected manufacturing – the key to the IIoT

In today’s challenging environment, manufacturers are fighting a battle on multiple fronts, with production cycles becoming radically shorter and new players armed with disruptive solutions and innovations continually entering the market. To survive, established companies have to be able to quickly react to these market developments. Participants in this tour will be seeking answers to the question of how new automated processes and services can further boost their productivity.

Tour 4 - Key technologies and solutions for the digitization of production

How can manufacturers digitize their operations efficiently, reliably and cost effectively? Platform-based applications that form the basis of the platform economy are fast becoming the go-to solution for mechanical and plant engineering companies seeking to develop new lines of business and digital services. But what exactly is the platform economy and what is the potential of its data and transaction-centered platforms? Learning from digital twins: This tour will also illustrate how manufacturers can leverage all available digital information to optimize process control and how digital twins can help boost plant productivity and provide a competitive edge. Safeguarding new infrastructures: As the digital transformation continues to drive integration in the manufacturing sector, plant control systems are increasingly becoming a target for cyber criminals. This tour is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your solutions for safeguarding new digital infrastructures.

Tour 5 - 5G is the next phase in the Industry 4.0 revolution

5G cellular network technology will give a big boost to the flexibility, agility and productivity of the manufacturing sector. It will also take Industry 4.0 to a whole new level by turbo charging the end-to-end integration and digital transformation of production systems. As part of this tour, you can showcase your application examples for the factory of the future and help answer the question of how tomorrow’s 5G-based manufacturing networks will actually operate.

Tour 6 - Industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet

Keen to demonstrate first-hand how today’s industrial machines communicate horizontally and vertically using sensors? How individualized mass production works? Or how products can be programmed with their own production instructions? Then this tour is the ideal marketing tool for you! As a stop on this tour, your company will be positioned as one of the pioneers of the fourth industrial revolution. The digital integration of all industrial processes has moved from vision to reality, and this tour is your chance to showcase your smart factory, virtual reality and IoT solutions. Demonstrate your latest integrated industry technologies and show tour participants how they can leverage them in their own manufacturing processes.

Tour 7 - Emission reduction in industry – your contribution to climate protection

The climate crisis is on everyone’s lips, and the time to act is now. The world’s manufacturing sector is responsible for about 21% of total direct greenhouse gas emissions. In Germany, the energy, industrial manufacturing, processing and transport sectors jointly emit some 656 million tons of CO2– about 82% of the country’s total CO2 emissions. The good news is that every company involved in manufacturing and processing can make a contribution to climate protection. Has your company already implemented successful energy-saving measures? Then this tour is your chance to position your company as a climate protection pioneer and show the industrial-sector tour participants how profitability and climate protection can go hand in hand. Are you a provider of software, technology or systems that boost the energy efficiency of industrial buildings or processes? Then this tour is right for you too. The tour will also take in industrial hydrogen applications, eMobility solutions for employees and end users, improved logistics processes, and lightweight solutions as a means of cutting industrial emissions such as CO2.

Tour 8 - Solutions for smart energy networks

As the renewable share of our energy supply rises, so does the need for smart grids. In the future, smart grids will need to both mitigate power fluctuations from renewable energy sources and cope with increased power consumption driven by the transport and heating transition. This tour focuses on smart solutions that promote supply security, grid stability and load management by optimally coordinating energy generation, storage and consumption. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of your distributed energy storage, smart meter and transformer solutions. Or perhaps you would like to demonstrate how you can help your customers improve their building efficiency, how CHP plants can serve as a back-up for renewable energy sources, how e-vehicles can be used for energy storage in smart grids, or the importance of vehicle charging infrastructure? How do all these things actually work, exactly? Which technologies are market-ready and which are still on the horizon? This tour will answer these questions and more, and is therefore specifically aimed at international energy companies, municipal utility companies, project developers and grid operators.

Tour 9 - Zero emission mobility

Mobility concepts are evolving more and more quickly as society and business models change and new technologies hit the marketplace. Key drivers in this context are the gradual electrification of vehicles, the development and testing of smart eMobility infrastructures and the integration and automation of mobility and logistics services. The targeted application of multi-material and cross-industry lightweight solutions as well as the latest hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are opening up new possibilities for industrial companies looking to develop sustainable, low-emission mobility solutions. Become a part of this tour and demonstrate how your solutions can add value to fleet managers, the automotive industry and logistics, energy and transport companies.

Tour 10 - Industrial research & development – driving the ideas of future industries

R&D is the wellspring of nearly all notable industrial innovations. It is the key to finding new solutions to age-old problems and to deriving applications from groundbreaking research findings. So what are the key themes occupying industrial R&D departments at present? What exciting possibilities await industry in the future? And what new industrial products and solutions are in the starting blocks right now? This tour is your opportunity to make your case to developers looking for answers and to potential industrial development partners from around the world.

Tour 11 - Industrial startups – What’s next?

Sometimes tiny things can have a huge impact. This is certainly true of the disruptive startups that have decisively transformed entire industries in recent times. Which is why startups have been featured regularly at HANNOVER MESSE’s young tech enterprises showcase for a number of years. Showcase your business model as a part of this tour and show the big guys what you’re made of.

Tour 12 - Digitally integrated logistics

Production and logistics are becoming ever more closely integrated in modern supply chains. Digitization is a key enabler of this ongoing process.

As a part of this tour, you can showcase your role as a logistic professional in driving and shaping digital transformation. Tour participants will be looking for answers to these questions: What are the benefits of digital solutions over their analog counterparts? Do we need 5G, and if so, where and to what extent? What is the role of MES and how can they support logistics? Industrial production, materials flow and logistics systems generate vast amounts of data. But that’s just one part of the equation. Without proper integration and analysis, all that data is pretty much just dead weight. This tour is targeted at all key logistics stakeholders with an interest in leveraging big data and supply chain integration – from CEOs to purchasing managers to engineers.

Tour 13 - Working with cobots

In Germany, there are already 290 multifunctional robots for every 10,000 employees, and this number will only continue to rise. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are opening up completely new ways of human-machine collaboration. It’s an area of robotics that has come a long way in recent years – to the point where its competitiveness-enhancing power is now within the reach of SMEs. Users can already choose from a wide range of tried and proven cobot systems as well as a steady stream of emerging solutions. If you are a provider of innovative cobot solutions, then register your showcase as part of this tour and reap the rewards of this highly targeted marketing channel.

Tour 14 - Opportunities of AI systems for small to medium enterprises

Intelligent production control systems that enable more flexible resource and manpower planning. Smart camera systems that boost the efficiency of QC processes. AI systems that eliminate product rejects. Artificial intelligence is opening up a wide range of new possibilities in manufacturing. But what does this development mean for SMEs? Which are the relevant applications? And what do SMEs need to do to incorporate them into their operations? This tour is your opportunity to demonstrate your concrete AI application scenarios and solutions for SMEs to a highly targeted audience.

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