HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01 - 05 April
Guided tours

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Join the innovations! Trained tour guides lead you to the exhibition stands of selected companies whose offering is relevant to your topical industry theme.

Guided Tours

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a clear and concise overview of the show topics you are most interested in. HANNOVER MESSE Guided Tours guarantee you'll never miss the highlights in your special area of interest.

During the tour, which lasts approx. 2 hours, exhibitors will provide exclusive 15 minute demonstrations of true innovations and optimal solutions.

The tours covering a range of topics, you're sure to find the right offering for your special area of interest.

Are you a HANNOVER MESSE exhibitor?

If so, you can take advantage of the Guided Tours to showcase your company’s products and innovations for the benefit of a potential customers brought right to your stand. This is a great way to generate additional leads!

Participation options

Guided Tours Monday, 01 April to Friday, 05 April 2019
Meeting Point/Registration Information Center (IC)
Times Monday from 2.00 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.
Friday only at 10.00 a.m.
Tour length approx. 2 hours
Tour language English
Participation fee € 18.00/person (deposit for headset: € 50.00)
Registration from Febuary 2019

The Tour Themes 2019 at a glance

Tour 1 – Industrial Automation & IT

What are the key prerequisites for efficient and flexible production? And how can manufacturers adapt to changing market conditions and the growing demand for product individualization? To be part of the digital age and stay competitive, manufacturers need to invest in the latest automation technology. This tour focuses on advanced production technology and the associated software solutions. It highlights the importance of seamless data flows – from the initial product idea and associated planning and engineering processes to production and after-sales service. This is an ideal opportunity for you to present the latest IT and industrial automation solutions and demonstrate how your robotics and automation technology can make factories even more efficient. Show your visitors how process control systems, measurement and control technology, intelligent sensors, products, and solutions for instrumentation can increase plant productivity and save energy at the same time.

Tour 2 - Industry 4.0 & the Industrial Internet

If you want to provide an overview of how machines communicate horizontally and vertically via sensors, how individualized mass production works or how products get their own blueprints programmed into them, then your company should become a stop on this tour – as one of the forerunners of the fourth industrial revolution. Whether it involves the smart factory, virtual reality or the Internet of Things – the digitization and integration of industrial processes has moved from vision to reality. Give your tour visitors a first-hand look at the latest technologies from integrated industry and provide them with a vision of what tomorrow’s integrated production will look like.

Tour 3 – Industry in Digital Transformation – Industrial Intelligence

Integration is a must in manufacturing, logistics and the energy sector. On the one hand, it is a question of combining data acquisition and data processing. On the other, the integration of players, for example on industrial IT platforms, creates new possibilities for data use that affect the entire value creation process and open doors to new business models. Take advantage of this tour to highlight exemplary cases of cross-industry and interdisciplinary cooperation – for example, between automation and IT providers, with the help of "Artificial Intelligence".

Tour 4 - Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Predictive maintenance based on intelligent data analysis and immediate availability has become a key value driver in the modern manufacturing context, beginning with the selection of the right supplier. The Internet of Things is all about interconnectedness – the digital integration of machines, products, components and up- and downstream systems. Predictive maintenance is a cost-saving improvement on conventional maintenance strategies, not to mention a pivotal part of the Industry 4.0 landscape. Predictive maintenance is an immensely important component in an Industry 4.0 environment and is an inevitable refinement of previous maintenance strategies. Use this tour to inform visitors about your latest service and maintenance systems!

Tour 5 – Industrial Security

Whenever you use the Internet to connect machines and production facilities, you roll out the red carpet for data saboteurs, cyber criminals and product pirates – right into the production hall! This tour through the halls of HANNOVER MESSE is a must for users and product developers in industrial automation and mechanical and plant engineering. Expand your knowledge of industrial security and learn all about the things that can protect you from hackers, espionage or operational failures – from security by design and authentication and encryption to copy protection and access control.

Tour 6 - Integrated Energy: The Power Behind the Industry

How is Industry 4.0 impacting the energy sector? And what effect will tomorrow’s energy systems have on digitized industries? What new business models will be opened up by tomorrow’s integrated energy systems? Present your solutions for the interaction of microgrids, virtual power plants, renewable forms of energy and energy management and storage systems. Show how industrial plant and buildings as well as the mobility and transport sector can profit from increased decentralization. Showcase yourself as a driver of innovations in tomorrow’s energy systems and demonstrate the advantages of integrated energy for industry and business.

Tour 7 - Innovations for mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is an important and at the same time highly innovative sector of industry, in which smart, efficient and sustainable technologies and solutions play a key role. Visitors on this tour will receive a compact overview of the innovative solutions on display at HANNOVER MESSE. Exhibitors will showcase their cutting-edge automation solutions, supplier solutions and systems, control and measuring technology and condition monitoring systems. Highlight your company as an innovations and development partner for mechanical and plant engineering.

Tour 8 - Lightweight Technologies in Industrial Application

There is no question that logistics is crucial to the successful implementation of Industry 4.0. Key objectives like full transparency, integrated processes, small batch sizes, a high rate of variables and decentralized control are not only a major factor in leading-edge production, but along the entire supply chain as well. This tour focuses on the interface between Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0 and shines an applications-oriented spotlight on automated processes and transparency.

Tour 9 - Innovative Industrial Logistics

Logistics along the production chain still offers enormous potential for increased competitiveness. Industry 4.0 is not only making it possible to use modular, scalable automation in the logistics process – it is also making it easier and less risky to implement. Demonstrate to your tour guests exactly how Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0 interact, how they facilitate each other and the reserves that can be released by implementing them.

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