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A Bed for Growth of Cells

Polymer Coatings Provide Optimal Conditions

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Cell cultures often provide the basis for research in biology, medicine or pharmacy. Cells are grown in the laboratory on so-called cell culture matrices. Presently, research into human embryonic stem cells that are particularly demanding in terms of growth conditions meets with great interest. Currently, cell culture matrices are mostly fabricated based on natural materials. Since the disadvantages of these materials are in the risk of bacteria and virus contaminations, variations in compositions, and relatively high costs, the trend is towards synthetic cell culture matrices in the form of polymer coatings. It was found in practice that for attachment and growth, cells need surfaces of a certain polarity. The polymer coatings of the matrices thus are made up of molecules with both a positively and a negatively charged group. These so-called zwitterions are electrically neutral but their polarity depends, among other things, on the distance between the charged groups. All so far available zwitterions have similar and comparatively short charge distances. Researchers at KIT's have succeeded in generating zwitterions with variable charge distances and, hence, variable polarities. The researchers have found a new synthesis path that allows to introduce hydrocarbon chains of different lengths between the charged groups. The generation of cell culture matrices on that basis requires carrier materials such as gold, silicon or glass to which anchor points are attached. Based on these anchor points, zwitterionic polymer films can be generated in a controlled process. In that way, cell culture matrices tailored to the requirements of the respective cell type can be manufactured.

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