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Active Contact Flange HEAVY DUTY

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Exhibitor details

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The active contact fl ange intstantly automates jobs with high demand for sensitivity and flexibility. It guarantees high quality standards and high level process safety. The ACF HD is an self-regulated equipment suitable for all automated solutions.

This combined mechatronic actuator and sensor element makes the robot touch-sensitive. Using the ACF a robot maneuvers its tool touch-sensitively just like the human hand but additionally guarantees truly constant contact pressure.

The new ACF HEAVY DUTY version has been designed for high a demanding performance and sticks out for:
- shorter payback time
- 6 times higher load capacity
- larger removal rate
- low weight
- optimal size

In both, pulling and pushing equally, the ACF performs up to 200/500/800 N, according to model. It compensates interactively for surface tolerances of maximum 35/50 mm with guaranteed consistent contact force! No adaptation of the robot tracks.

The process force remains constant even with changing orientations. No additional application programming required. The ACF takes an overturning strain or torsional strain up to 250/350 Nm.

The ACF is ingenious automation equipment and comes ready-made. This makes retrofitting unbelievably easy and persuasive. Cleverly simple integration using standard interfaces like Ethernet TCP/IP, analoge I/Os, CANopen, Profibus, XML...

The ACF automates easily and efficiently:

Sand, polish, clean, laminate, strip, brush, remove burrs, iron,...

Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic, coconut fibers, ...

Place, insert, tape, glue, join, pack, quality inspection,...

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