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Adblue Hoses (SCR System Hoses )

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Exhibitor details
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Product description

AdBlue is a solution consisting of high purity urea (typically crystalline) dissolved and suspended within de-ionised water. The ratio of the mix is approximately 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionised water.
AdBlue is carried onboard the vehicle in a separate vessel to the fuel storage tank. It is injected into the exhaust gases as a post combustion process through an SCR where it breaks harmful NOx (Nitrous Oxide) emissions down into mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen.
Manufacturing quality control for AUS32 solutions are governed by DIN70070. Hose should really be made from an inert material, only a couple of manufacturers have developed a hose specifically for use with AdBlue. Tan Kauçuk is a major player in the AdBlue market.
Most hoses are plastic or rubber based. The most common problem with incorrect hose material selection is that many hoses are used which rely on Zinc and Calcium Carbonate as part of their production.
Zinc is often used as a catalyst to cure plastic hoses as they are released from the mould, this element in time will leach into the AdBlue solution and bring the acceptable levels of Zinc above the 0.2mg/Kg limit as defined within DIN70070.
Hoses of this nature must NEVER be used as a suction pipe which remains either immersed in AdBlue solution or holds the product for extended periods of time.Calcium Carbonate is the other common problem with hose manufacture, unlike Zinc, it is not used as part of the composition for the hose but as a lubricant to ensure that rubber based hoses are released from the mandrel as they are extruded. The Calcium Carbonate coats the inner wall of the hose and as with Zinc can leach into the AdBlue product over time.
The limit for Calcium in the DIN70070 standard is 0.5mg/Kg. It is possible to remove the calcium carbonate by curing the hose with peroxide.
Inner Tube : EPDM Rubber
Reinforcement : Textile Braiding
Cover : EPDM Rubber
Working Temperature: -40 °C / 120 °C
Peak : + 140ºC

Hall 5, Stand A46

Turkish Pavilion - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

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