HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S

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Exhibitor details

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ADDINOL Eco Gear oils are state-of-the-art. They have been developed in close co-operation with leading institutes, gear and plant manufacturers - specifically tailored to the complex requirements of modern gears of all construction types.

ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S adapt to changing load conditions in the toothing and increase its load bearing capacity. Micro-pitting and pitting are prevented effectively and even pre-damaged surfaces are re-smoothened. ADDINOL Eco Gear S is based on synthetic, ADDINOL Eco Gear M on mineral base oil components. Both high-performance gear oils contain the singular ADDINOL Surftec® technology. When using ADDINOL Eco Gear S and M load carrying tooth flanks of the gear pairs are optimally protected against wear, material removal, pitting and fatigue even at increased loads. ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S are perfectly fit for high demands and for hardened and ground gear teeth prone to micro-pitting under extreme loads as well as for tempered surfaces. While ADDINOL Eco Gear M is ideal for mild climates and constant temperature conditions, ADDINOL Eco Gear S masters varying temperatures in a wide range.

By using ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S friction coefficients are reduced considerably compared to conventional industrial gear oils. Lower oil sump temperatures confirm a significant improvement of efficiency alongside the respective energy saving potential. This brings about an enhanced efficiency of the gear, in particular under mixed and boundary friction conditions. According the Report of the FZG (Research Centre for Gears and Gear Unit Design at the Technical University of Munich) the application of ADDINOL Eco Gear enables «efficiencies which are usually achieved with EHD lubrication.» This means, ADDINOL Eco Gear almost reaches the ideal condition for lubrication.

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