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Purpose of Use of Pressurised Air Filters

Air in a typical city contains approximately 140 million particles per m³ of air as dust. 90% of these particles are under the size of 2 microns. These particles can easily pass through the suction filter (approximately 5 micron) and enter in the compressor unit and disperse in the air installation together with the pressurised air. Besides, burned oil contained in the air that comes from the compressor with amount of 6 ppm at least combine with the water and dust in the air and damage the o-rings, seals of all of the equipments that work with pressurised air and cause for the air leakage, corrosion and malfunctioning of the valves. Additionally, it interferes with the quality for the paint systems. For this reason, filtration of the pressurised air in the industry is rather important. Filters are manufactured with three different sensitivity and they are connected in series in the installation line according to the importance of the place they are used in. The internal parts of the filter, which protect the pressurised air from oil, dust and condensed water, should be changed every 4 to 6 months depending on the daily work period, ambient air conditions and rate of oil leak of the compressor. Filter internal parts should not be tried to be cleaned at all. Blocked element should definitely be changed.

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