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Nafion Membrane
In order for a fuel cell to work, a membrane is needed that will carry the hydrogen ions from the anode to the cathode without passing the electrons that were removed from those atoms. In a PEM fuel cell, DuPont's Nafion material (a solid polymer similar to Teflon) is used.
We offer DuPont's Nafion perfluorinated ion-exchange membranes. Standard size is 30x30 cm. Standard types are below. The last digit represents the thickness in mils (thousandths of an inch, or .0254mm)- Nafion 112 is 2 mils thick, etc.
The fumapem is also a fluorinated polymer with sulfonic acid groups, which are responsible for the proton transport. The fumapem, made by fumatech, is in different thicknesses and equivalent weights available. The first number in the part number ( 9 or 10) shows the equivalent weight in 100g/eq .

The last two numbers show the thickness of the membrane in 1/1000 mm, namely 30 or 50µm.

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