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D-type fuses

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D and D0 fuse-links for application in suitable fuse-bases respectively D0 fuse-switch-disconnectors conform to the international standard IEC 60269 respectively the German standards DIN EN 60269-1 and DIN VDE 0636-3.
They are available in utilization categories gG 400V and 500V, additional D-types with 690V are defined according to DIN VDE 0636-3011. Furthermore fuse-links with utilization class gF (fl ink - fast acting) according to DIN VDE 0635 with rated voltages 750V and 1200V are available. Push-in or screw-in gauge pieces guarantee the required non-interchangeability.

The D-type fuse-system can be operated by unskilled persons. It is mainly used for cable, line and device protection in domestic, industrial and utility installations. The compact dimensions of the fuses allow a high density of mounting in small distribution boards. D-type fuses according to DIN VDE 0635 with 750V and 1200V are mainly applied in DC circuits of traction systems.
Cylindrical fuse-links are mostly used in industry installations and applied in fuse-switch-disconnectors, fuse-bases as well as directly with clamping contacts.

Product advantages
JEAN MÜLLER D-type fuse-links off er a high breaking capacity of 50kA for AC and 8kA for DC as well as an extensive limitation of short circuit current and let-through energy when interrupting currents.
Performance data of installed fuses cannot be altered or adjusted, therefore mismatching and malfunctioning is prevented, at the same time gauge pieces guarantee noninterchangeability and therefore contribute to operation by unskilled persons. Function and characteristics remain unchanged over decades.
At compact dimensions cylindrical fuse-links allow for a high rated breaking capacity of 100kA and rated voltages up to 690V. High production quality guarantees reliability, high-grade materials ensure consistent technical characteristics over a long period of time.

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