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DF-2+ - Medium-Voltage Switchgear

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Exhibitor details
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The DF-2+ concept by SGC - SwitchGear Company NV offers the capability to assemble any distribution switchgear in a rational and economic way, by using a number of functional basic modules: the DF-2+ cubicles.

By correctly combining these basic modules (and their configurations), a customer-specific medium-voltage switchgear setup is achieved (with a nominal voltage of 12, 17.5 or 24 kV) that offers a high level of safety.

The modularity of the DF-2+ concept is not limited to the ability to build various configurations with the DF-2+ cubicles. Each DF-2+ cubicle with switching function is also an assembly of modules that - built into compartments created for this purpose - determines the function of the particular cubicle.

A DF-2+ setup consists of a metal enclosed DF-2 type cubicle combined with a shaft at the rear of the cubicle. The shaft absorbs the gasses (in case of an internal arc) that escape through the overpressure valves. Consequently, the expansion of hot gasses in a room can be reduced to a negligible minimum.

The DF-2+ integrates a system, the arc-killer SV-25, for detecting and extinguishing an internal arc. The arc-killer extinguishes the arc by leading it to a metal earthed short circuit. The arc is killed in less than 50msec.

Cubicles of the DF-2+ type offer protection against an internal arc classification IAC category A, FLR 20kA 1 sec (F = frontal L= lateral R= rear).

As a result, operators are shielded from the harming consequences of an arc, whether they stand in front of the switchboard, next to it, or behind it.

SGC - Switchgear Company NV has specialised, in particular, in the design and the production of medium-voltage and high-voltage switchgear from 10 to 36 kV, suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

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