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As one of the first transformer manufacturers in Germany the J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH is able to offer a transformer generation with lowest standby losses. The transformers which are named Effimorph can be build and delivered as distribution transformer, as well as power converter or feed-in transformer with ratings of 400 - 2500 kVA.The comparison of the no-load losses of the Effimorph ( productname of J. Schneider) with those of a "normal" transformer shows, how great your contribution to energy efficiency with the use of a transformer of this series could be.Thus the no-load losses (P0) of a 1250 kVA - transformer with Um £ 24 kV and a short-circuit impedance of 6%, amount only to 350 W. The losses of a similar transformer of the loss class C0 according to EN50461-1 (VDE 0532-221) are placed at 1350 W.If this possible saving of 1 kW / h is evaluated with a subscription price of 0.12 € / kW, it results for example for a mains distribution transformer which is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year switched on the mains a value of at least € 1,051 / year.Disproportionately higher amounts this sum, if the saved losses are evaluate the guaranteed compensation for electricity fed into the grid for example at wind-, water- or biomass heating power plants

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