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Features & Benefits of KUZUFLEX




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We make stainless steel flexible metal hoses and expansion pipe joints that are designed to absorb displacements in piping systems. These products have broad-ranging applications, including as countermeasures against piping damage such as slippage in the event of land subsidence due to earthquakes, expansion and contraction of piping due to temperature variations, and absorption of vibration from machinery that generates vibration or performs reciprocal movements.
While the most important feature of flexible metal hose is its heat resistance, it also possesses excellent vibration resistance, flexibility and pressure resistance. Moreover, flexible metal hose can be used for transporting many kinds of gases including air, steam, natural gas, etc., and liquids such as water, oils, and a wide variety of liquid chemicals and solutions, etc.
In order to respond to the broadest possible spectrum of needs, we have developed our own original lineup of flexible metal hoses and expansion pipe joints with diameters ranging from 6mm to 50mm. Keeping in mind the motto "better, faster, cheaper," we make daily efforts to manufacture products that give our customers a sense of safety and confidence backed by an integrated production system and a process-classified quality control regime.

Our metal hoses are the ideal product for extreme conditions where other hoses fail.
Our metal hoses have a wide temperature range up to (-270°C to + 600°C) and are frequently used for the conveyance of liquid nitrogen.
Our metal hoses also provide the lowest permeation rate of any hose available.
Our metal hoses are resistant to many aggressive chemicals and solvents.
Our metal hoses do succesfully cope with torsion, axial tension, lateral tension whereas they still retain their integrity as a leak-proof conveying duct.
Our metal hoses provide a flexibility link where rigit pipes cannot be used.
Our metal hoses absorb shock & vibration.

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