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Filters and porous metallic components

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Product description

AMES produces short and large series of metallic sintered filters and silencers mainly in bronze and stainless steel, although other alloys are also available. Our trademark Bronfil® is well known for silencers and filtering discs.
Filters and porous metallic components have some particular characteristics:
- The mean pore pitch is variable, from 2 µm to 210 µm.
- Their behaviour is very regular, because of the rigorous classification of the raw material particle size.
- They are depth filters, with thickness >= 1.5 mm, i.e., the fluid is obliged to follow a winding patch in order to exit the filter, so its filtering efficiency is very high.
- They can work at high temperature and high pressure, without deformation.
- Their chemical resistance is good, specially if material is stainless steel.
- They are weldable and machinable, so they can be adapted to specific assemblies.
- Their robustness make its cleaning easy, so they are reusable.

AMES offers the following range of filters and sintered porous components:
- Filters and porous components of Bronze. They are made of spherical particles of Bronze 89/11. The mean pore pitch is variable from 8 µm up to 210 µm, and also its thickness. AMES offers two standard products inside this range:
- Standard Bronfil® Discs, of standard dimensions, with diameter from 4 to 28 mm, and length from 3 to 15 mm.
- Standard Bronfil® Silencers, of standard dimensions, with the thread integrated in the silencer.
- Filters and porous components of Stainless Steel. They are made of Stainless Steel 316L. They are manufactured by compacting stainless steel powder in a rigid tool under high pressure. They have high corrosion resistance, and they resist elevated working temperatures (up to 800ºC). The mean pore pitch is variable, from 2 µm up to 16 µm.
AMES also offers the Filters CIP inside this range of product. They are cylindrical filters of small wall thickness and high length, made by isostatic compacting.

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