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Fuel Cell UPS

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Today there are many areas where we are dependent on a safe, uninterrupted power supply even in exceptional situations such as severe weather, natural disasters, widespread black-outs. In the area of security, communications, surveillance and so on it is increasingly important to use "mains-independent power supply" in case of emergency.Batteries are heavy, have a large volume, are difficult to monitor and age even when not in use.Generators are noisy, polluting and also very maintenance intensive.Capacitors are not suitable for long buffer times.As another alternative, J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH has developed a UPS system, which gets the power from a DMFC fuel cell in case of longer mains failures. In DMFC fuel cells the alcohol methanol directly is directly and efficiently converted into electricity without any intermediate steps in an environmentally friendly catalytic process. Thus, this technology represents one of the cleanest ways of generating powerIn the beginning, the fuel cell supply is available in 3 versions.- as UPS with integrated power supply and a small battery. (For the initial phase of the DMFC) - as UPS with integrated power supply and ultracapacitors module for the initial phase.- as independent power supply without power supply.All models are equipped with methanol fuel cartridges of 3.5 or 10 l backup-times up to 30 days.Optionally, the integrated power unit can be replaced by an external solar panel. Then we have a hybrid combination of DMFC and solar panel which both charge the integrated battery, depending on the availability of solar and possibly wind.The supply of the load is done via the integrated small accumulator.

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