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This is the most basic operational form of the PEM fuel cell.
It consists of the two metal current collector plates on either end, two flow field graphite plates on the inside of those, carbon paper further inside, platinum on the inside of that, and the Nafion™-based membrane electrode assembly (MEA) in the middle. All the fuel cell requires to generate electricity is hydrogen and oxygen gas. ElectroChem now provides you with single cell fuel cells combining our durable fuel cell hardware with our MEA. Performance curves are provided for use with H2 and O2. Standard MEA specifications: 1 mg/cm2 20wt%Pt/C loading w/ Nafion™-1135. Custom specifications are available.
A Reference Electrode is provided in the EFC05and EFC25-01SP-REF unit. It consists of a high purity platinum wire inserted into the anode flow field so that it is in direct contact with the input hydrogen gas stream. Individual electrode potentials can be directly measured relative to this reference electrode to allow researchers to identify individual electrode characteristics using a high impedance potentiometer.
Single Cell Fuel Cell Hardware
PEM fuel cell hardware provides the structure, gas flow channels and current collection components of the fuel cell. It holds the membrane electrode assembly in place. Researchers use this hardware to test the performance of their own membranes, electrodes, catalysts, etc. ElectroChem's fuel cell hardware is designed for ease of use and many years of service. Membrane Electrode Assemblies (ordered separately) are held in place between graphite cell blocks. Flow fields machined into the blocks allow for flow of reactants and provide excellent electrical contact. Special, low porosity graphite, high purity graphite is used to guarantee a gas tight seal. Current is collected by connection to gold-plated copper contact plates.

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