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H2 production by electrolysis is an especially important issue since this is the first step in the conversion of electricity to synthetic fuels and realizes a closed material cycle for energy. Inexpensive and safe storage of hydrogen is also crucial in order to enable a hydrogen economy. The emerging technologies in the field including redox flow batteries, radically lower cost catalysts, and high energy density liquid storage routes are in focus. Redox flow battery for hydrogen production is already established successfully on the laboratory scale (see schematic), and will be implemented as a large scale demonstrator at the water treatment facility in Martigny (Switzerland). The hydrogen produced will be co-mingled with biogas generated at the water treatment facility, and later will be used directly in the hydrogenation of CO2. The charged electrolyte produced in the battery may also be used at a later stage for the direct reduction of CO2 or the co-generation of hydrogen and CO2 reduction products. Beside of electrolysis, photo catalysis based on novel-metal free catalysts, is explored on the level of fundamental research to generate hydrogen directly from sunlight without the detour to electricity.

Hydrogen storage in chemical compounds: The state of the art hydrogen storage is either as super cooled liquid or compressed gas (70 MPa). Both ways require significant amount of energy. An alternative is the production of molecules which is easy to synthesize from and to decompose to hydrogen. The chemicals can be stored for unlimited time in liquid or solid state. Such molecules are alumina or boric compounds, but also organic compounds like formaldehyde, methanol or formic acid are investigated for energy storage application.

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