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12-Bit Linear / Rotary Position Hall Encoder

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Product description

The iC-MHL200 is a magnetic position sensor with integrated Hall sensors for the scanning of magnetic tapes and pole wheels featuring a pole pitch of 2 mm. Moving speeds of up to 8m/s can be followed even at highest resolution representing 0.98 µm.
The signal conditioning unit generates constant-amplitude sine and cosine voltages that are used for real-time tracking sine-to-digital angle conversion.
The resolution can be programmed up to a maximum of 4096 increments within one magnetic period of 4 mm.

- Realtime system for linear speed up to 8 m/s at full resolution
- Absolute position within the magnetic period of 4 mm
- 12-bit interpolation w. 4096 increments, resolution better 1 µm
- Automatic signal offset compensation
- Automatic amplitude control for optimum operating point
- Programmable features: interpolation factor, hysteresis, minimum phase distance, zero position and code direction
- Electronic index generation with multi-purpose enable input
- RS422-compatible A/B/Z outputs for encoder quadrature signals with up to 8 MHz edge rate
- BiSS/SSI interface for high-speed serial data output (BiSS/SSI) and configuration (BiSS)
- Zener-Zap ROM for non-volatile setup and OEM data
- Signal monitoring: loss of signal, excessive frequency
- Single 5 V supply
- Extended temperature range of -40 to +125 °C

- Motion control
- Linear position encoders
- Incremental off-axis rotary encoders

Hall 9, Stand H22

Innovationsplattform Magnetische Mikrosysteme INNOMAG e.v. Pavilion

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