HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April


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JamaicaVM is a hard realtime Java bytecode-based Virtual Machine, with fully deterministic and preemptable garbage collection. JamaicaVM has been optimized for use in critical embedded platforms. It allows the user to port J2SE - Java Standard Edition - code on virtually any 32&64bit platforms with much improved quality and reliability of application code based on a reduced software development cycle. JamaicaVM support the OpenJDK extensively.

Run your Java Code on Embedded with no Change
Design standard Java code, run it and focus on your application specifics - not on platform specifics

Be in Control of the Optimization of your Code
Delivered set of tools that allows fine tuning of performance of your code onto the embedded machine

Move your code on (m)any Hardware
A large variety of embedded-grade RTOS and processors supported

Safe, Secure and Realtime
Technology is hard-realtime and deterministic by design, making even most stringent safety and security features doable

Reduce Cost
Keep your edge hardware compact and deploy software on resource stringent hardware

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