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Jaw Coupling

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Exhibitor details
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Product description

Features include:
1. Coupling assembled by pressing a polyurethane sleeve into hubs on both sides
2. Could absorb the vibration, parallel, angular misalignment and shaft end-play
3. Resistance to oil and electrical insulation
4. Identical clockwise and anticlockwise rotational characteristics
5. Three different hardness sleeves are available
6. Clamp type
When we want to transfer power through the shaft to another one, generally, we use pulley or gear for connection. However, if we want the two shafts work in a straight line and constant rotation, now we have to take couplings as the connector. Just because machining precision, the thermal expansion of shaft and the curve of shaft when they working. These phenomenon make the concentric of shafts change largely. So we can use the flexible coupling to keep the transmission between the two shafts and compensate the deviation in radial ,angle and axle. In that, we can extend the machines' working life and improve the equipments' quality.

Types of coupling:
The coupling is divided into two types :rigid types and flexible type Couplings' essential terms:
1. Parallel deviation: The radial deviation when the two shaft connection
2. Angle deviation: The angle deviation when the two shaft connection
3. Axle deviation: The axle deviation when the two shaft connection
4. Torque: The toque equal that the force multiply the radius of shaft when the force make the shaft move
5. Rigid torque: When the goods is moved by torsion, in the real, it will produce twist in circle scope.
This twist is called rigid torque. If the rigid torque is bigger mean the twist is smaller. Otherwise, if the rigid torque is smaller, the twist will be bigger.

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