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Universal Quality Control Solutions for Automotive Industry & M. E.

Product description

With industrial automation increasingly gaining ground, there is a growing need for equipment that provides wider quality control. In the current market, countless measuring cells have appeared in recent years, but none of them was able to fully cover the needs. BLACKBOX robotic cell offers this exactly; it was designed to meet the complex needs of users either in itself, or by inserting its elements in-line.

BLACKBOX robotized measuring cell can be used for fast and automatic examination and evaluation of forms with complex geometry. It can be used even in mass industrial production with minimum cycle time increase. The key characteristic of the measuring cell is that with the help of more 3D imaging and optical measuring units, even products and components are measurable and qualifiable, which so far were difficult or impossible to measure due to their complicated geometry.
BLACKBOX measuring cell inserted in the production line can measure any given spare-part anywhere and anytime. It can handle sequential measurements of various spare-parts, which results in a faster work process, requires less space and is more cost effective.

During the measurements, it qualifies the product by comparing specified points of the measured spare-part with those of the CAD model. These measurements are performed real-time, thereby speeding up the manufacturing process and reducing the down time. The results appear well documented, in a report.

Quality Control
Thanks to the variety of devices placed in the cell, and the various tests they perform, we can easily, accurately and automatically check size and shape accuracy in the production line prior to, during or after production. This will reduce the time for inspection, and production can be stopped right after spotting the first defective piece. Even wear and tear damage can be checked with the system, which helps an improved scheduling of tool or spare-part replacements.

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