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A permeameter is an instrument that is capable of measuring the ability of a porous medium to permit flow of a fluid. Flow rate of a fluid through a porous medium is determined by the pressure drop across the sample (Dp), the thickness of the sample (l), and the viscosity of the fluid (m). The flow rate, F, at average pressure (average of inlet and outlet pressure) is given by:
F = k (A/m) (Dp/l)

in this relation is known as permeability of the porous medium for the fluid. Permeameters accurately measure flow rates of fluid and pressure drop across the sample and values of area, thickness, and viscosity are entered in the system. The instrument returns the ability of the porous material to permit fluid flow either in terms of permeability, k, or simply in flow rate per unit pressure gradient per unit area, or in terms of other commercial units like Frazier, Gurley, and Rayl.

Products in the permeameter line are designed to perform a variety of tasks. The gas permeameters determine permeability of gases through porous materials. Liquid permeability is determined by liquid permeameters. Microflow and diffusion permeameters determine very small gas or vapor permeability of materials. The vapor transmission rate due to humidity gradient is determined by vapor transmission analyzers. Other unique features that a permeameter may have include multiple sample chambers, sample testing without cutting, chambers for unusual sample shapes and sizes, permeability of strong chemicals, elevated temperature permeability, high-pressure permeability, and in-plane permeability.

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