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Crack detection, Process optimization, Tool monitoring: as conventional systems can only cope with limited applications, the measurement computer Optimizer 4D made by QASS in the city of Wetter (Germany) strikes out in a new direction. High-Frequency-Impulse-Measurement (HFIM) is the core of the Optimizer 4D. Once adjusted, the measurement device monitors automatically the production and reports if process parameter exceeds tolerance limits. The process optimization- and crack detection methods made by QASS are based on structure born noise which is made visible by sophisticated analysis algorithms. Only this real-time frequency analysis by High-Frequency-Impulse-Measurement (HFIM) allows to reveal process characteristics and properties during production in real-time.
Core of the device is a special measurement board which analyses the impulses. A three-dimensional diagram displays these impulses, arranging them on these three axes: time, intensity and frequency. By this it's possible to qualify simultaneous incidents within a production process. For example, slow, continuous vibration as well as extremely short and spontaneous cracks. To render this possible, the device evaluates longitudinal waves within an range of 1 Hz and 25 MHz. Due to it's high sensitivity, the device even recognizes extremely short incidents (shorter than 1mS).
QASS measurement devices are sensitive for impulses in solid bodies. The sensors are attached with direct or indirect contact to the work piece. If a crack occurs inside of the work piece, this crack produces a distinctive and automatically detectable type of signal inside of the frequency-time-intensity diagram. Parallel to crack detection, it's possible in most cases to optimize the production process by evaluation other parameters. This the case for processes like cold forming, assembling or welding and many more.

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