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Reactive Power Compensation Components

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Exhibitor details

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Three phase low voltage power capacitors LPC

Rated voltage:
400-525V, 50Hz (60Hz uppon request)
Rated power: 1-50kVAr
The LPC capacitors are used for reactive power factor correction of inductive consumers (transformers, electric motors, rectifiers, fluorescent
lamps and many others in industrial networks) individually or assembled into automatic capacitor banks.

LPC capacitors are manufactured with low loss metallized self-healing
polypropylene film. Dry type capacitors are filled with a non-toxic an
ecological polyurethane resin, this resin provides an excellent heat dissipation
properties. This capacitors are mounted in aluminium housing with overpressure disconnection system. Two types of connectors, faston connector for capacitors with rated power up to 5kVAr, for higher values above 5kVAr screw terminal type.

Contactors for capacitor banks CEM CN

Contactors for capacitor switching were specially designed for power factor
correction capacitor operation (utilization category AC-6b).
Capacitors are pre-charged through resistors that reduce the peak current to the contactor when CEM_CN special contactors are switched on.
After the pre-charge, the main contactors close allowing passage of rated current.

PFC power factor controllers

Application - Power factor control relays measure cos fi of a supply system and control the automatic connection and disconnection of compensation
capacitors according to desired cos fi. Microprocessor controlled power
factor controller with measurement system.

Three-phase harmonic filters

Constructive Characteristics - Three phase harmonic filters are made of low
losses magnetic plates, permanent regime class F (155°C) copper conductor and 90°C thermal protection relay.
With the purpose of increasing filters ventilation, windings are separated
among them, improving thermal dissipation.
Available factor p is 7% and 14% with resonance frequency 189 Hz and 134
Hz for 50 Hz networks.

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