HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April


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EPC Enerji ve Güc Dönüsüm

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Exhibitor details
Logo SD-Rectifier
Logo SD-Rectifier

Product description

EPC SD Series rectifiers provide pure and regulated DC power for load, charging of Lead-Acid and Nickel-Cadmium batteries. SD series rectifers are used for very wide range of DC power applications such as power plants, telecommunication, power generation and distribution, traction, emergency lighting, automation systems and petrochemical plants.
SD Series Rectifiers are equipped with thyristers, which are used in Semiconductor Controller Rectifier technology. Phase control and regulation are made by DSP. SD series have also output voltage regulation features with automatic current limiting.

SD Series rectifiers are flexible for different applications. Optional N+1 paralleling redundancy can be obtained by paralleling diodes. By adding optional load circuit and current limiting unit, SD Series rectifier can be used as DC UPS, which provides DC power to load from battery, when the AC input is not available. When the AC input is recovered, rectifier will feed your DC load and charge your batteries. A load circuit for this purpose can be build by diode drop blocks or by a DC/DC converter, depending on requirements of the customer.

- Microprocessor controlled rectifier technology
- Fully adjustable float, boost and equalizing charge modes with V/I characteristic
- Advanced technology for phase control
- Very low voltage ripple and extended battery life
- High efficiency and low operation cost
- Ability to operate as voltage or current source
- Wide range of options for monitoring
- Improved enviromental operation characteristics
- Remote monitoring via RS232 communication port
- Potential free alarm contacts on extended alarm board

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