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* local and central control;
* universal single or two-button control;
* lock function - lasting signal at the Central Down input cuts off all control keys until the signal is switched off;
* cooperation with external rain and wind sensors and with alarm central;
* direction memory for local and central control. If the controller executes Central Up command, next pressing of the local key will move
the roller blind down;
* asynchronous start - the time of roller blind activation in central control is randomly delayed (up to 1sec) to minimize the current surge in
the mains if multiple motors run simultaneously. LOCAL CONTROL
Depending on how you connect the controller, it can operate in one or two local keys mode.
Each direction of MOVEMENT has its own local key. Short press (for the programmed period of time. Pressing the key when the roller blind is already in motion causes the roller blind to stop.
Long press (>0.5 sec) switches on the roller blind to move in a given direction for as long as the key is pressed (this allows for example to adjust
the tilt of slats).
Local control input Down is connected permanently to the N line. Local control input Up is connected to a key that alternately switches the roller
blind to move up or down. Short press (in motion causes the roller blind to stop. Long press (>0.5 sec) switches on the roller blind for as long as the key is pressed. Each time you press
the key the roller blind will move in the direction opposite to the previous one.
The controller always works with two central control inputs. Central control allows the roller blinds to move only in the desired direction. Roller
blind will stop only after a preset time or by pressing any of the local control keys.

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