HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April

VOC Watch

Scent recognition for real-time monitoring of gas leakages

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Fuel is part of our everyday lives. Processing crude oil results in large variety of products and byproducts, some are considered harmful both to the environment and to the health of human beings. Moreover, approximately 21% of greenhouse gases come from industry. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are being emitted to the
atmosphere during similar processes, include a wide range of chemicals which may have either short- or long- term health effects. Moreover, VOCs participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions that contribute to ozone formation and are key players in the formation of secondary organic aerosols, which are found in airborne particulate matter.
Emission of various gases to the atmosphere may derive either from controlled processes during production and
storage vessels or from less controlled processes mainly referred to as gas leakages. Leak emissions originate from different types of connectors, valves or through moving parts of various process equipment. Thus, these industries are under constant inspection pushed by regulation.
Here, we propose a solution for VOC control based on a grid of sensors which allows tracing specific source of gas leakage and detection of low-emission sources. Each sensor in the grid is functioning as scent recognition platform with the ability to connect to the grid through the cloud.
The easy-to-use sensors have low-cost production expenses, ability to integrate to local infrastructures and low maintenance. This enables their large-scale Plug&Play deployment. This means the sensors grid can be distributed to cover every 1-10 square meter (e.g. depending of the field geography, costumer needs, wind regime etc.) and thus to enable full control over VOCs emission from every location on the field, even at those areas with limited access.
The grid integrates the output from each sensor to build a complete real time VOC map that can be used for tracking the development of leakages of various hazardous materials.

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