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Wear-resistant anodization of aluminium

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Endurance is crucial for engine pistons, especially in sports, where everyone wants to drive longer distances at high speeds without engine failure and save time on repairs. Anti-Wear Hard anodizing technology AW-HARD, developed by FTMC Coating Formation Open Access Center makes the difference. Engine pistons, made of conventional aluminium alloys, such as 6082, 7075 or similar, were anodized using AW-HARD and tested in the engines of the model cars during their competitions by Lithuanian Speed Model Car Federation. Result? Wow: engines with new pistons raced 6-8 times longer than ones with conventionally manufactured pistons, which would usually break down because of excessive wear. Even more, all the failures AW-HARD pistons during field tests of speed model cars were not related to piston friction. This technology is based on specially designed chemical compounds, which are impregnated into the hard anodized coatings. When the coating is exposed to friction zone conditions, the compounds are released. They undergo a chemical reaction and form tribofilms, which reduce wear more than 1000 times compared to traditional Type III anodized coatings. This is one of impressive technologies, developed by researchers at FTMC Tribology Laboratory, who have over 25 year experience in solving lubrication, friction and wear issues. Expectations? To continue field-testing AW-HARD technology in helicopters, motorcycles, rock-climbing accessories (all of them have already been tested in simulation trials) and to extend this low-wear technology to many new applications, including colored coatings. Joint patent ownership is still available. This technology is much cheaper and more effective, compared to polymer or Teflon-based coatings, which are typically used to protect anodized surfaces against wear. But even a colored version of AW-HARD should make Enduro (TM) more endurable.

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