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Through long-standing development and with much energy, MSI formed the state-of-the-art gaming line inspired by the mighty Big Bang. Unique and innovative, the all-new Big Bang series will deliver the shock and awe of unprecedented gaming experience and expand into its own collection of galaxies. This begins the new era of ultimate gaming machines.

[Hydra Engine]
Powered by Hydra Engine, Big Bang Fuzion can offer the most flexible upgradability on 3D performance, allowing users to install cross-vender GPUs in a single system. The technology can perform scalable rendering to deliver near-linear gaming performance by load-balancing graphics processing tasks.

[Quantum Wave™ Audio Processing]
Big Bang gaming motherboard features Quantum Wave™ audio processing, combing THX TruStudio PC with Creative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 to deliver the most powerful and realistic gaming audio performance available from any motherboard.

[100% Hi-c Cap]
For a hardcore gamer, stability is the #1 criteria for choosing a gaming rig. The server-grade Hi-c Cap can ensures a longer operation for gaming systems in an extreme condition and enhanced system stability.

[OC Dashboard]
OC Dashboard gives you a convenient and useful realtime overclocking experience of several system parameters to optimize your gaming fps (frames per second) without interrupting your session.

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