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Building, industrial electrical instal.

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Logo Building, industrial electrical instal.


ETI is a leading worldwide manufacturer, providing solutions for residental and commercial electrical installations, industrial electrical installations, distribution of electricity for low and medium voltage, and power electronics and semiconductors.
ETI provides high-quality and integral solutions for protection of electrical installations in buildings. We supply all kinds of type D, D0 and C fuse-links, as well as MCB's and various types of residual current protection switches from ASTI group. In our sales program you will also find various types of switches and supervision & control devices of EVE group. Very important is also overvoltage protection ETITEC. All together shall be built, of course, into a distribution cabinet DIDO of your choice.

High-quality protection of electrical installations and devices in industry is ensured by wide selection of fuse-links and circuit breakers. Particularly important is the wide range of NV/NH fuse-links and switchgear combinations, i.e. fuse blocks and switch disconnectors. We also offer MCB's and power circuit breakers ETIBREAK. And not to forget ETICON contactors, plug-in outfit and line-up terminals SPOJ and overvoltage protection devices ETITEC.

Product range for building and industrial electrical installations:

ASTI - residual current and miniature circuit breakers, tariff circuit breakers
EVE - electrical build-in devices, control equipment
ETICON - low voltage contactors
ETIBREAK - low voltage moulded case circuit breakers and switch disconnectors
ETITEC - overvoltage arresters
D - low voltage fuses
D0 - low voltage fuses
C - low voltage cylindrical fuses
NV - low voltage NH knife-blade fuses
ETISWITCH - cam switches, switch disconnectors
ETISIG - signalling and control circuit devices
ETIMETR - meters, meter transformers
DIDO - distribution boxes
SPOJ - industrial plugs and sokets, line-up terminals
ETILIGHT - lampholders, starters

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