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Charpy/Izod Testing

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Charpy, or Charpy V-notch test, and Izod tests are both carried out on materials. They are both used to access impact strength or toughness of the material. This is done by measuring the forces required to fracture the material.

Our capabilities and test equipment specialise in plastics, composites, polymers and some grades of ceramics and glass.

Appropriate Charpy and Izod values are often set by individual product standards. Even if they are not, there can be commercial advantages in you publishing the strength of your product. You may also have specific applications that requires specific proving. In either case, out highly experienced test engineers will work with you to select the most appropriate test methodology.

Product standards and end-user requirements are more often than not proven using brand new products and materials.You may need to prove that after a period of ageing or exposure to weather that your product maintains its strength and durability. We can compliment standard Charpy or Izod testing with conditioning to simulate real-life situations. Examples of environmental conditioning are climatic testing and accelerated ageing.

Charpy and Izod testing standards
ISO 179 Plastics Determination of Charpy impact properties
ISO 180 Plastics Determination of Izod impact strength
ASTM D256 Determination of Izod Pendulum Impact Resistance of Plastics

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