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Double-Stage Vacuum System for Drying


Pneumofore presents the double-stage UV16 H B3500 IC VS11 vacuum pump. Specifically designed for drying applications, this vacuum system has the the capacity of 3500 m3/h, it can evacuate 78 kg of water per hour and achieve Dew Point of -35°C. It is composed by a Rotary Vane UV16 vacuum pump and a roots blower as second stage. Equipped with Variable Speed drive, the machine is completely air cooled in any environmental condition up to 55°C ambient temperature and it can be improved by remote controls and PLC systems. There are also larger models of double-stage UV vacuum pumps up to 10000 m3 per hour capacity with Dew Point of 0.03 torr.
These machines are frequently used in pipeline drying and food processing applications.


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