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To produce Nitrogen and Oxygen, NOXERIOR uses the principles of air separation. Membrane technology is used to produce Nitrogen; PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology for the production of Oxygen or high-purity Nitrogen.
NOXERIOR is able to provide tailored solutions for any kind of application in various sectors and according to all required regulations. The plants can be supplied on skids or turnkey assembled inside ISO containers. All the component parts are selected according to environmental conditions and installation site classification; for instance, all our plants for the marine sector are designed according to IMO standards and can be certified by any classification institute.
Where required, we can supply sophisticated control systems for our products which, besides the standard PLC of the Local Control Panel (LCP), can transmit data to the Central Control Room (CCR), or provide plant control directly from the CCR eventually extended with a backup system. Before shipment, all our plants are carefully factory tested. If so required, tests can be performed together with customers to ensure product suitability.

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