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Impeller, Pump body, Pump parts, Valve body parts, investment casting

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Dongying Changrui Investment Casting

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Logo Impeller, Pump body, Pump parts, Valve body parts, investment casting


Impeller castings, impeller machining, impeller process, stainless steel impeller investment castings, lost wax casting, precision casting.Pump body casting, Pump body machining, Pump body process.Pump parts casting, Pump parts machining, Pump parts process.Investment Casting in China Changrui factory uses precision lost wax casting process and machining & surface treatment technical to produce thousands of metal lost wax casting parts with the materials carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, alloy steel, low alloy steel, High temperature alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, high chromium cast iron and ductile iron. Changrui Investment Casting Company is one experience castings manufacturer who uses the lost wax- silica sol shell craft (the quality of this kind of castings superior to the water glass craft castings) and Changrui is good at producing and manufacturing's the complex metal precision castings. Changrui lost wax casting process & machining perform ISO 9001:2000 system strictly to guarantee the requirement of customers, now Changrui has put ISO/TS 16949 into operation.Changrui lost wax investment casting process and machining with an output 60 tons per month precision metal castings including lost wax castings, precision machining parts and surface treatment metal products exports to all over the world.

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