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IoT and Industry 4.0 security challenges

The proliferation of IoT and adoption of Industrial Internet projects has given security professionals the opportunity to evaluate the new risks and vulnerabilities that are being introduced into organisations around the world. IoT and cybersecurity intersect with
a number of existing security disciplines.

These disciplines include: 1) Information Technology (IT Security) for protecting information systems; 2) Physical Security to protect buildings, offices, facilities and the like; and 3) Operational Technology (OT) security to protect operational systems
for plant automation and environmental monitoring systems. Securing IoT environments will require drawing from each
of these three disciplines. The combination of the elements shown in Figure 2 can be described as digital security.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for new technologies to be introduced to the market without a robust set of security features,
and it may take some time before these are integral to IoT technologies. So what security challenges are hampering widespread adoption of IoT?

The first glaring problem is a lack of standards when it comes to IoT security features. A number of vendors and IoT developers are working on potential solutions, but there isn’t a standard solution yet that can apply to all devices and infrastructures. The problem is largely due to the limited processing power and capabilities of the devices; ‘traditional’ computers tend to use standardised operating systems and software and can be secured using tried and tested methods, but sensors and other IoT devices are not
governed by a common set of software tools and applications. This makes deploying robust security measures more difficult.

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