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Instrument Transformers


HIGH VOLTAGE INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERSPaper insulated, impregnated with oil
High voltage instrument transformers play an important role in transmission and distribution network, where they are used to insulate measuring and protection devices from high voltage, as well as for transformation of measuring currents and voltages to the values adequate for measuring and protection instruments within a defined accuracy class.
HV SF6 INSULATED INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERSThe newest addition to our product range, introduced in 2013, the SF6 insulated transformers for outdoor installation were developed to adapt to the requirements of the contemporary market.
MEDIUM VOLTAGE INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERSMedium voltage instrument transformers are to be installed in grids for voltage levels from 3,6 to 52 kV. They are insulated with oil impregnated paper or high quality epoxy resin. After cross-linking at high temperatures, the epoxy mixture takes on excellent insulating characteristics and required mechanical features. Transformers are designed in compliance with relevant standard.
INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS FOR SPECIAL USEFor the purposes of equipping testing points and laboratories, we produce instrument transformers for special uses, in whose design accentuated is specific knowledge and expertise in the field of precision measurement and high voltage insulation.

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