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International Data Spaces

A trustworthy architecture for the data economy

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International Data Spaces Association

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The International Data Spaces are an architecture for virtual data spaces leveraging existing standards and technologies, as well as accepted governance models for the data economy, to facilitate the secure and standardized exchange and easy linkage of data in a trusted business ecosystem.

They thereby provice a basis for smart servie scenarios and innovatitve crosscompany business processes, while at the same time making sure data sovereignty is guaranteed for the participating data owners.

In order to identify the requirements from potential application scenarios of the International Data Spaces on the one hand, and to validate the applicabililty in real scenarios on the other, the members of the International Data Spaces Association develop different use cases.

A use case describes a scenario, in which an actor tries to reach a certain goal by using a considered system, which is according to the International Data Spaces.

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