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The Environment-friendly Replacement of Standard Gas Compression Cooling

MagnoTherm Solutions provides a revolutionary cooling technology based on the magnetocaloric effect. Our regenerator, utilizing solid-state materials as refrigerants and water as heat exchanger, is capable of replacing standard gas compression cooling or heating solutions. At the same time, all current and future EU F-gas regulation standards can be fulfilled regarding efficiency and CO2 emissions.
o Up to 40% more energy efficient due to thermodynamic boundary conditions
o No explosive or inflammable refrigerants
o Compliant with all current and future F-gas regulations
o Low-pressure system
o Efficient scaling in all sizes
o Applicable to cooling and hea- ting solutions

With our 100% green technology, we offer a highly efficient and clean solution for many different industries including food & beverage, trans-portation cooling, heat pumps, air conditioning, server cooling, and battery cooling.


Halle 2, Stand B25

Hessischer Hochschulgemeinschaftsstand

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