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Multiparametric Scale

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Weighing scales are actively investigated now as an operator-less device for unobtrusive, intermittent cardiovascular monitoring 29 , 30 . We developed a multiparametric scale which is able to acquire 3 lead electrocardiogram (Einthovens triangle) and bioimpedance spectroscopy parameters at 5 frequencies. Bioimpedance is measured between the subjects feet (lower extremities impedance) and arms (thorax impedance). A graphical display helps to implement a guided breathing test. Raw multisignal data files are recorded in a standard format for biomedical signals - General Data Format (GDF). Therefore the files can be opened in standard GDF viewers (e.g., SigViewer) or CARRE Multiparametric Scales Data Analyzer. The data files are stored locally and also automatically transferred to the computing server via the embedded WiFi module. Currently, CARRE Multiparametric scale is being used as a scientific instrument for unobtrusive registration of biosignal databases.

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