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PowerWalker VFI CPH

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PowerWalker VFI CPH 3/1 or 3/3 is an innovative solution for a variety of applications. This 10KW UPS can work standalone as a tower or rack solution, or it can be installed as part of a modular N+X system.

As a rack unit, the UPS fits into any standard 19-inch rack cabinet and occupies a space of 3U (6U with battery pack). Using the included connection box, installation is convenient and easy.
Alternatively, PowerWalker provides a specifically designed 12U rack cabinet with an advanced 10-inch touch panel allowing a high degree of comfort during operation. Inside this cabinet, you can either install four CPH units or share the space between UPS and battery modules.

In a modular setup, all modules are hot-swappable and work parallel redundant. Additionally, each UPS can be controlled and monitored separately using an independent LCD. This ensures high reliability, flexibility and ease of maintenance. PowerWalker VFI CPH is an all-encompassing three-phase solution.

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