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refrigerated air dryer

low dew point. low pressure drop, environmental protection

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1.In strict accordance with ISO9001, GB150, ISO7183 refrigerated dryer standard, QS, pressure vessel inspection specifications for
design,manufacture,production and testing, to ensure the machine safety and reliable operation.
2.Heat exchanger and condenser select the good material to make,with high heat transfer coefficient,small volume and compact
3.reasonable structure design and easy to maintenance,box shape of elegant appearance.
4. increase the size of the area of heat transfer in the the evaporator , to improve the heat transfer efficiency, guarantee the stability of
the apparatus dew-point.
5.Refrigeration parts and control components adopt international brand with superior quality and excellent performance,to improve the
service life.
6.Adopt completely new and totally-enclosed refrigeration compressor,which with Super-strong refrigeration,stable running, low noise,
reliable performance, energy saving and long service life.
7.special design of cool heat exchanger,perfect use of outlet cold source and inlet hot air to exchange heat ,avoid the pipeline
condensation to achieve the best energy conservation.
8.High efficiency of gas water separation devices with good drainage system design, not block, belt filter can be regular cleaning,
which will make condensed water discharge outside continuously and stably.
9.heat-removal system with automatic pressure switch and automatic control fan power,which would be maximum saving energy.
Unique refrigeration system design, Low temperature but not frozen, good refrigerant filtration system, no ice plug phenomenon,
Completely remove moisture in the compressed air.
10.Low running cost ,Less consumable to avoid more expense.

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