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Starting a company in Baden-Württemberg

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Legal Framework (Legal Form)
There are various possibilites for starting a company in Germany.
When a company does business in Germany, there are specific taxes to be paid, depending on the legal form.
Conditions for Residence and Work
Another important point for foreign businesspeople is the rules on residence and work permits.
Social Insurance
In Germany, a significant building block of the social safety net is social insurance, which is obligatory for employees earning below a certain income limit.
Labor Costs in International Comparison
In an international comparison of hourly wages for female and male workers in manufacturing, Germany is in the middle range.
Labor Law
There is no special law in Germany that covers the individual and collective rights and duties of employers and employees. Rather, labor law has developed from permanent discussions and negotiations between employer associations and labor unions. But a written employment contract is customary.
Labor and Management
The labor situation in Germany is very stable; only seldom do unions call on their members to strike. Then the issue is mainly about rules on working hours, safeguarding jobs, working hours, vacation and early-retirement rules.


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