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Technology for sewage sludge utilization

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Innovative thermal decomposition technology for sewage sludge and hazardous waste utilization. With an expanding infrastructure of wastewater collection and treatment, a resulting amount of sludge increases proportionally. Large sludge quantities are accumulated at its storage sites and therefore, management techniques used to date are becoming a threat to the environment and contradicts sustainable development principles. Therefore, the effective way of sewage sludge treatment is an urgent matter. One of the innovative residual sludge disposal technology is its gasification. Gasification process is not only used for volume reduction and extra energy production from sludge, but also for environmental pollution reduction. It is well known that plasma technology is a very promising tool for destruction of hazardous substances. The experimental plasma equipment consisting of plasma generator and plasma chemical reactor was designed and manufacture. By such technology, during thermal decomposition of waste and sludge a valuable product is produced - flammable gas that further can be used for heat and power generation.

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