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The platform to develop AI solutions

Your production processes assisted by Artificial Intelligence

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Meet Wizata: a platform built to empower the process industry and metal manufacturers to drive AI project effortlessly from proof of concept to real production. With its smart, autonomous and, rapid digitalization capabilities, the Industry 4.0 revolution can truly emerge.
With Wizata’s comprehensive and holistic production optimization capabilities up to a global scale, companies can face environmental challenges, improve their quality control, optimize their yield and take advantage of predictive maintenance. Wizata goes from predictive to prescriptive analytics: from the multitude of possible outcomes that are simulated, the best course of actions is identified to achieve the objectives, generating recommendations to improve production processes.
Answering the needs of industrials who seek answer to unsolved and complex business problems, centralizing best practices, and to embrace AI in a collaborative way, the Wizata platform is a concrete answer to today and tomorrow’s challenge, where staying competitive by swiftly taking advantage of
AI is essential, as well as controlling closely its related investment and measuring ROI.
Based on the principle of ‘Privacy by design’, the platform has been built integrating the value of trust in its architecture itself: the open platform secures the companies’ knowhow internally, and their data isn’t accessible to the Wizata team or to the cloud company. Combining competitiveness and sovereignty on knowledge, intellectual property and data is now within reach.

Why is Wizata unique ?
- Whole process optimization: enhancing the entire production instead of isolated parts
- Open, adaptive Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built on cutting edge components that can be checked, customized and replaced
- Data, models and intellectual property under the sole control of the customer
- Orchestrator: smart integration of existing assets and resources
- ROI solutions’ tracking: control of resources invested step by step
- Collaborative

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