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Trans-AUTO, Automatic Gen-Set Controllers

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Logo Trans-AUTO, Automatic Gen-Set Controllers


- CanBus J1939 ECU communication
- Load Test selection
- Engine control
- Navigation and Shortcut buttons for easy use
-- Compatible to Diesel or Gas generators
- Auto, Manual and Test modes
- Translate LCD text for your language
- Parameter configuration via USB port
of your notebook
- Authorised access, secure communication
- Log last 50 events & alarm information
with measured values
- Configurable 10 inputs and 4 outputs
- Statistics recordsGenerator
phase sequence control
- Remote Start/Stop, Speed and
Idle mode control via J1939
- Power factor measurement for 3 phases
- 4 resistive sender inputs for Level, Temperature,
Oil Pressure and Spare
- Selectable Resistive sender types; Pt-100, VDO, US, GM,
Ford, Datcon, etc..
- Speed sensing from alternator voltage or magnetic pickup
- 3 phase Load current and earth current measurement
- ECU power, ECU stop, Stop or Fuel solenoid selection
- Maintenance warning, Red (Shutdown) and Yellow (Warning) alarm lights
- Active, Reactive, Apparent power measurement
- Adjustable Start, Load and Stop timers
- SPN, FMI and OC values reading from engines via J1939
- Order in many different languages

Easy pluging SMART Modules / Softwares for Trans Series:

TRANS-DUAL: Dual Genset Control Module
TRANS-I/O: Module - 8 Input +8 Output Expansion Module
TRANS-Analogue: Analogue Expansion Module, 4 channel alternator winding temperature measurement
TRANS-Messenger: GSM Communication Module
TRANS-Messenger.Pro: Ethernet & Dial up Communication Module
TRANS-Messenger.GP: GPRS Communication Module
TRANS-485: RS-485 Communication Module
TRANS-Messenger.RF: Wireless Radio Frequency Communication Module
Trans-GenAgent: Distributed Multiple Genset Visualization & Maintainance Management SCADA Software
Trans-Web: Web Server Communication Module


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