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Universal Residual Current Circ. Breaker

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Features and advantages of B type and B+ type RCCBs
- Fault protection (protection against indirect contact of live parts)
- Additional protection (protection in case of direct contact of live parts)
- Fire Protection (for locations exposed to fire hazard)

Residual current sensitivity - UNIVERSAL
AC pure sinus residual current, 50/60Hz
A sinus and pulsating direct current, 50/60Hz
B AC + A + smooth direct current + high frequency (1kHz)
B+ AC + A + smooth direct current + high frequency (20kHz)

Basic types
according to breaking times:
4p B, B+ instantaneous, short time delayed, selective
according to the number of poles:
4p, 2p
IEC/EN 61008-1 basic standard for RCCB's AC and A type
IEC/EN 62423 additional requirements for type B
VDE 0664-400 B+ VDE standard for B+ requirements ( 20kHz)

Mode of operation
Pure a.c. and pulsating d.c. type residual current sensitivity, A voltage independent
Smooth d.c. current sensitivity: B, B+ voltage dependent
Minimum operating voltage: 50V

Typical applications
Which are vulnerable to smooth d.c. residual currents:
- Frequency converters,
- Photovoltaic systems, a.c side,
- Charging stations for electric vehicles,
- Variable speed machine tools,
- UPS, computer data centres
- Elevator controls,
- Cranes of all kinds
- Electronic equipment on construction sites,
- Test set-ups in laboratories,
- Installation in general where we can expect d.c. smooth direct residual currents, etc.

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