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Julia Gumula

Research Associate and Founder

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In 2004, Julia started with facilitating innovation workshops. Since 2014, she has trained people with her innovation training format. She empowers people to become innovators.

She is currently pursuing her PhD at the Georg-August-University of Goettingen, anwering the resarch question of “How to enhance the creative output of design thinking?”. She has developed and evaluated an innovation training format for SMEs.

She loves watching people because it makes her discover new opportunities for innovation: design new services for students for example. She thus founded the SyNaPSE-project: supervised networking-perspectives in science and economy.

Julia obtained her bachelor´s and master´s degrees from the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg in Cultural Engineering. This is study course teaching people how to include different academic disciplines (engineering, knowledge management and cultural studies) into one person. Just like a whole design thinking team integrated in one person (see the design thinking article on wikipedia for reference https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_Thinking ).

Julia gives talks on “Brainstorming – go to Hell!”  http://ideenangler.de/zum-teufel-mit-brainstorming/ and she integrates special idea generation techniques into the ideation phase of the design thinking cycle. These techniques she has studied quasi-experimentally in her PhD.

Her English is pretty good because she was granted a full scholar ship from the American Congress and the German Bundestag to spend a whole year in the U.S. – in Maine, to be exact. There she graduated from Higschool with highest honors. Because of her internationality she loves to lead international teams through the innovation process.

Julia is a mother of three boys and lives with them and her husband near Göttingen. In her freetime she learns how to sketchnote, mostly by watching Tanja Wehr do it. And she also loves playing Handball.

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