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Francisco Domínguez Servién


State of Querétaro,  Francisco Domínguez Servién


State of Querétaro


Born in the city of Querétaro, capital of the State of Querétaro, on August 11th, 1966.
He has a college degree as a Zootechnician Veterinarian from the autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ); with a Specialty in Animal Production by the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM).


  • Managing Director, “Rancho La Cruz de Mayo” (1990 to present day).
  • Member of the National Agricultural Board (2002 – 2009).
  • Member of the National Confederation of Livestock Organizations (2002 – 2009).
  • Member of the Council of Mexican Pig Farmers (2002 – 2009).
  • State Councilor, Agricultural Council of the State of Querétaro (2000 – 2009).
  • Member of the Foundation “Querétaro Produces” (2000 – 2009).
  • Professor at the ITESM, Campus Querétaro (1999 – 2002).
  • Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary and Zoological Medicine, Autonomous University of Querétaro (1992 – 2002).


  • Constitutional Governor of the State of Querétaro (2015 to present day).
  • Senator of the Republic representing the State of Querétaro; voted as Associate Vicecoordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the National Action Party (September 2012 – February 2015).
  • Mayor of the City of Querétaro; General Secretary of the National Association of Mayors – ANAC (October 2009 – December 2011).
  • Federal Congressman by the principle Majority representing the Second District in the State of Querétaro; voted as Associate Vice-coordinator of the Parliamentary Fraction of the National Action Party (September 2006 – February 2009).
  • President of the Regional Farming Union, reelected on three occasions (2002 – 2009).
  • President of the Committee of Agricultural Promotion and Protection of the State of Querétaro (2002 – 2009).
  • President of the Association of Pig Farmers of the State of Querétaro (1995 – 2002).

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