HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01. - 05. April
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Meet the Dutch blockchain coalition

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Digital Factory, Integrated Industry


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Expectations are  that in 2030 automobiles and ships can navigate independently. The vision of the largest port in Europe is that containers are never touched by human hands. Containers travel independently from China via ROTTERDAM to Germany or other destinations. Drones can already propel the body weight of an average human, but our safety procedures still need many years before everyone can move safely with their personal air taxi. The gap between technical possibilities and eventual societal and  utilisation is increasing. Basic components such as a "legally valid electronic signature" are missing. In short, the currently lacking digital infrastructure is a brake on innovation.

Basic components  in this digital infrastructure are trusted digital identifiers for natural persons, objects, legal entities and processes. With fully trusted identifiers in these four domains, we can build a networked industrial transaction space with the help of blockchain technologies.

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